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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


well. via datbird’s N1 invest.

I’m confirmed not assassin


DatBird possible Assassin?


But I’m more inclined to believe you’re assa.

Either way. I can’t be assassin from that Invest result alone.
He would’ve outed me D2 if that were the case.


Either way.

DatBird imo is very likely converted.


Maxi is most likely Assassin.

DatBird is convert for a different faction


The least nightkills is what we need right now.


because I’d assume we don’t have many BD left considering the apparent 3?



Unleth thy ability of word hath been silenced, Geyde thine become new Protestant.

Ohever, thee hath not been speaking thine language hath not been BD/Town


I’m a unique class, so CtMeaD doesn’t work.


Carry the Mission Even After Kingship (Day) - Choose a player. If they are a non-unique Blue Dragon/Town/Green Kraken or non-NK Neutral.


If this flips town, I would advise @Insanity to occupy Bird.

@Margaret Do we have anything more we need to discuss?


TFW you get lynched cause you’re neutral

Definitely occupy bird, cause I’m the fucking Englishman

Scum just don’t want me to vig them…


Thy also hath tried Bluestorm! Thee hath not followth thy restriction either

Must be a blasted Vatican!


Is Vatican a class?


Vatican are thine foes! The true enemy in the kingdom!


Evil Prince was a Neutral Killer, so CtMeaD doesn’t work on them.


Thy art a failure


Alas, thine decide fate alas not workth for no trialths exist


Can anyone complain about citizens for a bit?


Oooh! I need to bring my axe be right back…

@MaximusPrime was beheaded for treason! They were…


The Assassin :crossed_swords: :shield:

Unseen Killer
Hidden Blade (Day) - Cut your target, causing them to bleed. They will bleed and die in two nights if not healed. - 4 uses (shared)
Distract (Day) - Distract a player, rendering them unable to any day abilities for the rest of the day. - 1 use
Assassinate (Night) - Kill a player. - Infinite uses
2-for-1 (Night) - Kill two target players. - 1 use (shared)
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Night 6 has started. :sleeping_bed:


Gooood morniiiiing! It seems another person was send stra

@Insanity was found dead last night! They were…


Hamlet Offensive

Zealous Vigil (Passive) - All stress gains / losses are halved until day 3. You will also be immune to Occupation and Redirection. You will keep this passive upon changing class.
Bulwark of Faith (Passive) - All attacks on your night target will be redirected to you. You will be immune the first time you are attacked this way.

Inspiring Cry (Day) - Target player will live for an additional night if they were to die tonight. Target also heals 25% stress. Can target yourself. (2 Uses)
Zealous Accusation (Day) - You will attack whoever you visit tonight. (Single Use)

Stunning Blow (Night) - Occupy a player. You cannot stun the same player twice in a row (Infinite Uses)
Holy Lance (Night) - Redirect all abilities to your target, bypassing immunities. You will be immune to death tonight. Heal 10 stress for each ability redirected. (Single Use)

Stress: 0/200

When stress = 200, you will commit suicide.

Gain 20 stress whenever a town-aligned player dies
Gain 40 stress whenever a town-aligned player is lynched
Gain 50 stress whenever YOU kill a town aligned player

Lose 10 stress whenever a scum-aligned player dies
Lose 20 stress whenever a scum-aligned player is lynched
Lose 75% stress whenever YOU kill a scum-aligned player

Day 7 has started. Majority is 4.

Remaining players: @Pug @Geyde @DatBird @Kai_5 @RagnaroekIV @Margaret