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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


I claim Crusader.


Deus Vult


Basically Maxi has to be assassin.


I’m not assassin also if you’re seriously going to kill me to “lose stress” then that’s just scum trying to not get lynched

Scum r probably afraid of my night vig

My vote stays on pug until he claims :confused:


Quite true my good fellow, thee hath have possibility of being a loyal supporter of the imperial crown!

Yet, thee hath done little to show towniness in thy old eyes


Geyde, thine past supporter, what hath gotten into thee?

Thee responds with such improper taste, akin to a rock with dog’s bite!



Pug/Kai/Insanity are confirmed by the logs of Bird to not be assassin.
We know that since Nerbins flipped unseen convert and not assassin, that there has to be one alive.

Everybody else but Max is confirmed to some measure.


I mean it’s sorta ironic how my claim was posted on like Day 2 or 3


gg maxi


/vote Maxi

“Pug isn’t salty” is not a good scumtell when I haven’t been pressured all game.


everyone else is sorta mechanically confirmed as not Assassin at this point in times


Pug - Court Fucking Wizard
n1: barrier Luxy
d2: PoF Hjasik
n2: barrier Squid
n3: IW DatBird
n4: barrier Geyde
n5: barrier Insanity


/vote Maxi

Deus Vult!


@Marcus_Doodalee does therapist invest come before or after an attack?

Pug you’re not confirmed though


@Geyde Damn u Timezone difference, i just woke up.

Yeah from all the claims and logs of the dead i think its maxi. Tries to stall now with his mod questions.
And yes i can confirm myself in the night, but i dont know yet who i let confirm.

/Vote Maxi


Ask in ur classcard pwease OwO


We need another crusade


Im no furry! I just like this emoticon OwO


/decide fate - execute marcus


Marcus has been sepukkued! He was…

Hosts flip

The Pretender

Neutral Special
Royal Blood (Passive) - Votes for you to become King count as 2
No Allegiance (Passive) Immune to Death at night once. If you become King, you will become a Usurper King
Silence (Day) - Prevent Target player from using Day abilities if Royal, or the King (3 uses)
Blood Test (Night) Find out if the Target Player has Royal Blood, and their Class Type if they are (Infinite uses)
Kinslayer (Night) Kill target player if they are Royal, or the King (2 uses)
Your objective is to Survive, ensuring there is no King except you when the Game ends.

Day continues!


You are secretly a furry in denial, I see.