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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!



Maxi is basically confirmed assassin if Bird’s logs are correct.


/vote Maxi


Now I see why he did not execute me

Also sorry for not being able to be on yesterday :ppp


Please don’t vote me, I’m the Englishman and I can show you my jail chat



My claim

The Englishman

Country Offensive
Polite (Passive) - Immune to occupation and redirection.
Tea, Old Chap? (Day) - Prevent your target from using day abilities today. Infinite Uses.
Days of Yore (Night) - All day abilities that target you tomorrow will have no effect. 2 uses, now 1.
Excalibur (Night) - Kill a player. If they are a member of the Country faction, you will commit suicide. 1 use.
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult and any Neutrals that oppose you

My Logs

N1: Tales of Yore
D2: Tea Astand
D3: Tea Pyschoneirik
N3: Jailed
D4: Tea Insanity


Who do you propose then is scum?

Jail Chat


Hey I’m the Englishman (274)
I have a one shot vig if there’s someone u want me to kill, otherwise I’ll probably end up using it tomorrow if there’s anyone susp
Also, what’s your favorite anime? I heard that Goblin Slayer is pretty good


Sounds good, I don’t want you to kill for now.
Also, my favorite anime is Dragon Ball Z.


Alright, I’ll hold onto it for now. Reply to a person with the phrase “Why are you such a beach” and at least one emoji in the post if you want me to kill them

(Cause last time I did something simple someone else accidentally said it and it sucked.

Also Dragon Ball Z is pretty good

Rag claims confirmable so I’m not going to vote him today, however I do think that Pug is scum for not being his usual salty self(at least from what I can see, although it may not be much)

/Vote Pug for now


Pug can’t be assassin because of Bird’s logs.


Btw I still have my one shot vig


What’s his number?

The only therapist I found was the Abyss one

Also what does “Did nothing wrong” mean




Interesting… What’s insanity then?

Also does attack cone after invest or before? Because I still scumread Pug


Realistically I don’t know his class. All I know is that it is he is weaker than Bluestorm. If you look at this chart you can see. image

Also don’t know about the second question


That means Insanity is Offensive, if I read that right.

That clears all but Kai. Neat.

/vote Kai


Wait fok


I can’t read


maybe it’s because I haven’t been relatively active and nobody has really gave me shit yet?

I can’t just salt for no reason maxi.


Salt doesn’t just generate from nothing you know.

It forms around a rock.


Yeah, I did mix Hjask up with Baz you were totally correct. I was writing the logs up on my phone on the train ride home, and I guess I just mixed Hjask with Baz. And yes Baz was the one who said he was prevented hence the reply where I said, “he was prevented that counts also”. Other than that the logs are correct.


There is literally no possible Assassin in that case.

Everyone is confirmed.