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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


When hath thee envious moon cometh seekth oo’r fin’l call


Thy suspecth otters hath betrayed thy for hath my ability hath not workth on thee!


/vote psycho

I don’t know if it’s just lack of interest or scum faction(s) being content. Either way, we get nothing from doing nothing.


/vote Psycho

It hath seemth that no more conversation shall occurth. For thee, i hammer. @Marcus_Doodalee @Twil1ight



@Twil1ight Hammer


Double ping,
Time to sing


@psychoneirik was beheaded for treason.

They were…


The Reflexive Mastermind

Unseen Special
Reflexive Conversions (Passive) - Same as Mastermind, except that all players who visit the Reflexive Mastermind are converted. There is no cool-down with a reflexive conversion and players converted this way bypass the Unseen’s faction cap.
Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Night 5 has started. Back to the bed! :bed:


Another busy night, it seems.

@BlueStorm was found dead last night. They were…


Evil Prince :shield:

Neutral Killing (Only his class type is Killing, he is not the actual NK)
Royal Blood (Passive) - You may put your name forward to become the next King. If you step up you will become an Evil King.
Tenacity (Passive) - Immune to occupation and redirection.
Jail (Day) - Jail a player tonight. Unlimited uses.
Self Jail (Day) - Lock yourself in jail tonight, preventing everyone from visiting you. 3 uses.
Execute (Night) - Execute the jailed target. If they are not BD you will lose all your executes. 3 uses, now 2
Survive to see the BD lose.

@GamerPoke was found dead last night. They were…


Blue Dragon Social

Freestyle (Passive) - This passive only activates after you have added players to your neighborhood through Partnership. Your posts must rhyme with each other. Failure to do this will result in a warning. Three strikes and you’re outta business.
Partnership (Passive) - Whenever a player likes 5 or more of your posts, add them to your neighborhood chat during the night. Telling players in any way about this passive or asking for likes will result in a modkill. That’s not how we do it here!

Hot Fire (Day) - Only you and the target of this ability can be voted up for the rest of today. (Single Use)
Tweet (Day) - Send a message anonymously to all players. (420 Uses)

New Album (Night) - All players in your neighborhood that aren’t convert immune (Unseen/Cult are considered immune for this) become Rappers. Players that were immune get a copy of the class card (Single Use).

BD Wincon

Day 6 has started! Majority is 5.

Players that are still alive: @MaximusPrime @Insanity @Pug @Geyde @DatBird @RagnaroekIV @Kai_5 @Margaret


Maxi - ??
Insanity - ??
Pug - ??
Geyde - BD
DatBird - Therapist?
Rag - BD (according to Merc’s logs)
Kai - Townlean (unlikely to be assassin)
Marg - Confirmed King Henry

(with Marg/Blue making up the rest of the votes)


Yeah im Town. Can confirm myself this night also so yeah


I can’t see Kai being Assassin because they would have voted up their own MM

(we know there are more unseen because Nerbins flipped non-Assassin unseen)

It’s either Maxi, Insanity, or Pug.

/vote Maxi


@DatBird Your recent checks would be helpful here for narrowing PoE


Hath cometh with a revelation!

It hath seemth that I possessth a clue to the future of thy realm.
Alas hath time hath not approac’th.




Fear n’t my good peasent! Thy hath cometh from thy lov’e to rejoice with thee kin’dom!

Pard’n thy presence in such a joyous day.


I hold nothing but utter trepidation.


N1: Pug: DNW (did nothing wrong)
N2: Hjask: DSW (did something wrong)
N3: Thor Ragnarok: DNW
N4: Kai: DNW
N5: All Ears: Insanity and Bluestorm: Bluestorm > Insanity


Thy fearth thee Reflexive Mastermind, with skill so strong hath thee possessth, I fear we hath been lost of many


Hja had no ‘evil’ night abilities.

Did you mix this up with Baz?

These logs, if correct, confirm Pug and Insanity as not Assassin.

Basically has to be Maxi


He was prevented that counts also