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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!



Accused Voters Count
psychoneirik Geyde / GamerPoke 2/6


I’ve been softing my class since the beginning


:eggplant: Then enlighten us with your claim.

Because I’m not quite sure.


Neither am I,
Apple pie


Im the sanctuary maiden


Can you quote the softs?
There are the cops!


been trying to get people to visit me


Quote em boi,
Don’t be a toy



You can be any of the PGO-style classes on the Grande Idea thread. Your posts don’t lean any particular way in that regard.


/vote psycho Lets get this bread gamers


i feel so scammed right now with those deaths…



Accused Voters Count
psychoneirik Geyde / GamerPoke / Kai_5 3/6

Thanks for opening for me Twi



3 =/= 2



Do we have anything we need to discuss?



As King of tis realmth, I declareth a rund!

Speakth with praise!

Those hath oppressth us hath fled!

Thee beings hath watchth with glaring ees!


@psychoneirik you can still havent
Quoted, you all savent


okay, i dont understand a single thing cause i cant read that accent. Would be nice if u type this out to do a normal version of it below or so so non native english speaker can read it, that would be nice…



Post restriction. They can’t break it under any circumstances


God fucking…then i have no clue what she wants. I need a translator over here!



I’m a native english speaker yet don’t even understand either