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Total Occupation Overhaul Suggestion


Scroll down to the bottom for TL;DR.

I wish that occupiers were not investigators and it seems many agree. I’ve also come to the conclusion that this can be implemented (at least in theory) if we get 100% rid of occupation immunity in any form, without relying on the RNG of determining priority based on number.

I agree with what is described as the ‘prevailing opinion’ at

  • Suppose Roleblocker A blocks Roleblocker B, who blocks Roleblocker C, who blocks Roleblocker D, who blocks Doctor E. If Roleblocks are resolved in such a way that conflicts are minimized, A blocks B, preventing B from blocking C, thus C blocks D, preventing D from blocking the Doctor - in short, the Doctor’s protection would have an effect. If all Roleblocks are simultaneous, the only player who is NOT technically Roleblocked is A; the Doctor would be blocked.

However they deem mutual role-blocks (and by extension, longer loops of roleblocks e.g. A blocks B blocks C blocks A) as ambiguous.

I disagree.

In order to prevent roleblockers from learning any information other than they were successful, or were themselves roleblocked instead, (again, having investigative powers goes against the spirit of the class), we simply tell every roleblocker in an unbroken loop that they were occupied. And even though they successfully occupied their target, we do NOT let them know this.


Here is how the logic would play out:

  1. Identify every loop of occupiers.
  2. Identify every occupier NOT targeted by another occupier.
  3. Occupy the targets of everyone identified in step (2).
  4. Identify anyone in a loop who is now occupied.
  5. Identify anyone sharing a loop with anyone identified in step (4).
  6. Mark everyone identified in steps (4) and (5) as NOT being in a loop.
  7. Occupy everyone in a loop who has not been marked in step (6).
  8. Identify every occupier NOT occupied.
  9. Occupy the targets of everyone identified in step (8).


  • A occupies B occupies A.

    • Both will be informed they were occupied, but not that they occupied anyone.
  • A occupies B occupies C occupies A.

    • Same as above. All are occupied; none are told they occupied anyone.
  • A occupies B occupies C occupies D occupies E.

    • A, C, and E will NOT be occupied. B and D will though.
  • A occupies B occupies A. C occupies A.

    • A will be occupied by both B and C.
  • A occupies B occupies C occupies A. D occupies E occupies A.

    • Everyone is occupied except D.

It would be interesting to know if this system hasn’t been implemented because someone just disagrees with it, or if it’s because of a lack of theory for how to handle every possible case, or just plain difficulty of execution.

One last thing:

Occupy occupies occupies occupied occupy, occupy occupy occupies. Occupy.


What happens when at least one of the occupiers are also performing additional actions? Hunter and Poacher for example. And how does this interact with abilities such as Party, Follow and CoD?


Those are very good questions. I completely forgot to consider multiple target abilities, I’d have to think about it haha.

For Follow and CoD though, it’s obvious:

  • Followers see occupiers in a loop visit their target (even though the occupiers themselves aren’t aware they visited successfully)
  • CoD kills anyone that a follower would see visit their target

Haven’t read yet but great start

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Why don’t you read BEFORE posting things?


Because that takes time I don’t have :thinking:


Then don’t reply at all


Why does it matter to you

I’m allowed to like the mindset I’m seeing


Occupiers receiving feedback is fine. All classes need some feedback to prevent them from being boring. There are even some people who dislike the current Butler.


It isn’t about removing feedback, it’s about limiting it to either “you occupied your target” or “you got occupied instead”.


Which (technically) removes feedback. Not ALL of the feedback but it removes the “your target is immune”.


Which needs to be kept.


Though I’m not completely against your new occupation logic idea, but it could be a little confusing.


Genius plan. Keep the immune message as an option with the list. But not actually have any situations where it comes up.


Is it really though? Players will be notified of either success or failure, failure meaning either the obvious or … the extremely rare situation that you are in a circle of occupiers. Which I don’t think has ever happened to me in hundreds of games.