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ToS Forum Christmas Event 2018 - "The Last One"


These things are always hard as hell and endlessly frustrating.

Still, I know a lot of you came here from ToS, so I invite you to join me in the struggle of being lost on random riddles for hours with no way to talk to anybody about it!

Even if you’re not from ToS, I recommend participating - the riddles they think up can be hellishly difficult. As this is the last one, definitely go give it a try!


We can’t talk about how easy this one is or?


The first riddle is always a gimme.

You should see some of the insane shit they’ve done in the past though :laughing:


Tell us what happened in the past


I think I’ll save that for after this one ends.


another forum “go find” thingy


I’m in for this.


I can’t even solve the first one wtf


Are they hidden in a random post from a random time or is it always the first post from a more recent time



It’s so easy tbh


The riddle points to a specific thread



If he can’t find this

I don’t know how he expects fo find the others


but riddles are for nerds


I thought they were hard

It took me 5 minutes on this one


Okay so

This would be considered only “moderately difficult” on a scale that goes to “expert” by past standards

(make sure to see the whole image, it’s big but the forum may cut out part of it on your device so tap/click on it)


LMAO what the fuck



i mean, i gave up after the first fucking riddle because i don’t even use the forums enough to know anything about it


You should’ve seen the one where there was a very cryptic hint and the answer was to swap the forum over to the dark theme (which looked like shit so nobody used it by default), go to the “current users online” page, and refresh it until you got the 5% chance of the code appearing




because fuck you