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[TOPIC] FM Overall Discussion


Roughly 246 days


I just thought of a good game idea that tricks people into playing mountainous by giving everyone vanilla town however they have hidden passives that are revealed upon their death. For example, a passive could be that whenever you die you Roleblock your attacker the next night

Literally defeats mass claiming as a problem


Was this supposed to go into PM


no why


I read it Wrong I thought you wanted to give everyone vanilla town with no mafia


Bastard game where everyone secretly control the abilities of someone else
ie the target that a doctor selects is in reality roleblocked, the target of a roleblocker is shot by a vigilante, the target of a vigilante is healed


Depends on your definition of going strong





What are you even talking about? :thinking:


I am pretty confident I could bring in some of my players with me, if a FoL match gets hosted. But I am kinda allergic against toxicity, so…


What do you mean by your players?


That would be so awesome if you could.

I would probably utilize WotM to keep out players who I think would be actively toxic in that case.


I think Priestess came in from MU




Mafia Universe


We really need new players coming in since we are bleeding players :frowning:


I know that I meant



They came in from the ToL discord