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[TOPIC] FM Overall Discussion


You can’t host if you don’t host same game


What do you mean? I haven’t gotten any requests of hosting a game from either of you at least. I know Eevee might be reviewing something of Celeste.


I’ve just hosted old setups recently, because I’m relatively lazy. Nothing to do with some requirements.


It doesn’t let you to host any other games than old ones


How? Did you submit something to Eevee/Squid and it was rejected?


It doesn’t let us




There’s just not enough players actually playing FM to even run a game.


Recently there have been no games that went unfilled except turbo games, which makes sense by their nature…


Is the forums here going strong?


Nope, didn’t get anything from Celeste except “I want to host a game”.
Nothing else.

It’s still added to queue and waiting for more details.


I don’t understand.



Can you explain?
I’m lost.


I’m very convinced this is a meme


I hope so, but there really is a problem with not enough games rn, so if they see any reason for it, I would like to know.


I have a game I planned but I’m too afraid to host it since I hate getting rejected… literally.



The rejection is nearly imposible now.

Cause instead of simple yes/no voting, there will be an actual GM dedicated to improving your game.
As of looking through game, finding issues, pointing them out with suggestions how to fix them and will work with you on making it most enjoyable game possible.

It’s not like before, that you just got info you was rejected.


Rejects previously approved games



aka eevee is gonna never play again


orange we made a count down for when nuke plays again, how long until you play again