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[TOPIC] FM Overall Discussion


He is

And my day is ruined


Dont worry merc No one is forcing you to leave





I have like 3 bastard game ideas pending


Submit them through me.



How does one submit a bastard game without revealing the mechanics :thinking:


If nothing has changed only 1 person reviews the game and they cant play it


Yep, and I can outsource some outside reviewers if we all really want to play any game.


I’m going to revive this topic, because I would like to implore people to start hosting more, because that is ultimately what we’ll need to keep things going, so don’t be hesitant to start something up. Hosting can be a lot of fun and the space is here for it now.


Well Solic

Most of us moved out so thats why this topic is dead

And some of us dont agree with some of the new hosting requirements which basically force you to host based off the same exact game


How do you mean?


What do you mean by this?




Mindmeld, lol


Im not going to say anything about it


If you don’t say anything about it then nothing can be done about it




Then you complain for no reason, for no outcome


Alright celeste is BS’ing


I agree with celeste