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[TOPIC] FM Overall Discussion


I want Fool to stay :frowning:


I want Drug Dealer to replace it tbh

Its a much better NE, and it can hurt both town and scum.


We can just create a NE alongside it


I think we have more pressing matters than specific classes.


Wait which


I just remembered. We have to remake the FoL classcard thread.


we do

But, i still dislike fool

Getting coffee.


They don’t have copyright tbh


Wait is it gone.


I think different queues require a very different amount of work however. Rolemadness compared to competitive queue is a world of difference in workload.



If we want to add anything…


I only care about a class that changes lynch results


I’ll be happy if there already is a lynch manipulator


Not really.
Balancing job, yes.

But I want to include rolecards, OP etc. aspects to check, wich would be for every type of game.


It still exists.


Yeah, classcards can wait, recreating the whole structure is more important.


You deleted alch from FoL?


If so thats hilarious ngl


We did indeed :slight_smile:


i hope you aren’t entirely dissapointed in us