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[TOPIC] FM Overall Discussion


Fuckin mood


First of all we need to recreate what was lost - queues and community stability + any other documents I’m not aware of and should start checking… ehhh…


I’m working on it, okay?


Yes, I know, and I’m happy you have the time to be doing so :slight_smile:

but if you could plug orange for TL4 that’d be :weary: :ok_hand:




scp fm





We can ask Geyde if he still wants to run that FM


I’m not finished on parts of it


@Hippolytus we actually did
we deleted alch


Now alch deletes you


Facilitating discussion 101


I would happily play a role in a council of sorts, but I do not wish to take upon full responsibility like Marl sometimes seemed to do. Good initiative of you Marge.


We already kinda had a second council for the Council of Bastard Games but thank you


Nah, council needs to go.

8 people sitting on one setup per month was idiotic and never should be repeated.


Remaking queues.

Asigning one person for each queue who is meant to review setups in it.
And by review I mean review review, not just look over and done.
I mean actualy helping to develop more balanced and fun to play game.
And no free passes for some people just becouse.
Everyones should be reviewed, no matter if mod or not.


Prove me wrong on my targets.


I can agree

I got turned off for the queue

But how the Council worked is that we remade old “unfun” games into fun bastard games

Bastard games had its own queue at one point but no one used it


I am fine with that. From an outsider perspective Marl ended up doing all the work. I am not up for that, but I am fine with some responsibility.


Glad we can all agree


He refused to get any help for other queues 4 times from me.
He also refused to change anything in queues so all games get threated equaly, not just like one queue for whatever reason.