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[TOPIC] FM Overall Discussion


Still I got removed from TL3 and also banned :thinking:


Still what the hell is the point of the Veteran’s Lounge if there’s literally nobody else there


There are other people

Its just…

Most people that were there left


Shurian can do it too


Yes, Shurian can indeed

But when was the last time Shurian joined a FM

Shurian is here but I think they stick to the roleplay more


@eevee can you see if you could convince Xblade to bump my Trust Level to 4

That isn’t making me staff but I’m here often enough that gaining the ability to lock and unlock threads for people would be nice


I will tell you what happens next.

I’m trying to recreate deleted queue and order games a bit so we know wich one will come on next.
All game hosts will have choice to host here or on MS, while they will have to pass the review to host on the second one.
All links to current games with our members are updated daily on discord announcements channel on FoL Discord.
After I recreate the queues we will start thinking what later in terms where people prefer to play.


I think they might still count that as staff and in the eyes of non-FM people, probably.


It’s not, it’s a community role


Squid + Solic + me


I’ll be managing the ToL side, I’m not quitting on some of the peeps

So until it becomes inhabitable, im not going to ms


Yeah sure but moderator process takes time and bumping the TL so I can lock stuff for games happening now does not


i’d be down with that idea


Which of the ten ideas


Plus we’re still probably gonna try some games on Hypixel

I know eevee has prior time with MS, and although I believe he is vouching for it in a good way (he truly feels that it’s a great place) I do think we should try options before making a final decision.


giving orange lvl 4 trust and a better fol


plus @eevee the least you could do is ask

Cite the fact that I’m on all the time literally every single day (for more than two years straight) and that being able to lock/unlock threads now would be super useful


Not to mention Ellibereth from Mafia451 seems actively interested in the playercount boost we could bring to their Discourse site, and in return is offering pretty much whatever we want (including our own subsection if we so desire)

I’m not sold it’d be a good pick but they’re coming out of alpha this week so we could try a few games there too, can’t hurt


i want fool to be deleted


bruh same though