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[TOPIC] FM Overall Discussion


Hey, everyone!
There hasn’t been an overall discussion thread about Forum Mafia for a long time.

So, we have one now.
Let’s try not to get too off-topic but, who cares.

Rant about past games, forum mafia entirely, etc. Go on, we know you needed it after watching everyone rant in an old game thread.


So, the first problem.

The future of Forum Mafia. We’ve been running relatively solo for the past few days. How should we bring changes and enforce regulations?


what has the world come to when Maraget makes a thread on trying to organize everything




Would you like to explain your reasoning behind that suggestion?


Also, would you all like to establish a new version of FoL that uses more… unique classes? Likely would be called UFoL, Unregulated Forum of Lies.


Isn’t that SFoL?


Also @orangeandblack5 Can you become our designated overlord for the creation of wiki posts? After all, better use that forum vet status to good use.


Well, kind of.

SFoL uses new mechanics.
FoL uses a base structure.
UFoL would use the base structure and only upgrade it.



Wait how tf do I have that


Plus, do we really want to ruin the name of FoL? Has any of us actually hosted an FoL in a month?





You’re the only Forum Vet aka Regular I know of


Wait really?


Wheres Marl rn


idfk ma’am


I think that answers your own question


Just a reminder, im an idiot and have very different view points

Scream at me if you need to


Wait how did I get Regular then wtf


You were here before most of us