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Timeline of Forum


No i was scorned and I was invited to a match where there happened to be a Streamer there. The thing is I didn’t even know there was a streamer there.

I basically won started accusing everyone of Being attacked + immune. Apparently the streamer was mastermind and that I got all the unseen with it when it was just random luck.

Yeah so can people fuck of with accusing me of that?


Honestly just drop it at this point.

I can’t convince people I’m innocent but I know I am.

Anyone who continues to bring it up is just honestly being rude.


Ask and you shall receive (in a couple days or so :wink:).


Added first Experimental FOL.


I added the Ace Attorney Apocalypse


I want more people to know about this.


The No


you did


Time really flies, did it?


why does this post have so many necromancers


What’s with the Marl dies of the plague meme?




why does this post entire forum have so many necromancers


just added the Hjasik FM Blacklist.

yes I’m best necrobump