Throne of Thanks Contest (Win Free GP)

Throne of Thanks Contest

The holiday season is officially upon us, and everyone here at Imperium42 Game Studio is extremely thankful that you’ve chosen to play our very first game, Throne of Lies. Now, with American Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we want to know what you are thankful for and we’re giving away 1,000 GP to five random people that share their thoughts with us in this thread.

The members of this forum, our Kickstarter backers and everyone on the official ToL Discord server have directly helped shape the game and are an integral part of its success. Throne of Lies would not be possible without such a strong and vibrant community supporting it.

Over the last two years, we have gotten to know many of you personally. Your lore brings depth to our world. Your death notes (almost) always make us smile. Your class suggestions have helped change the social deduction genre forever, and your passion inspires us to make Throne of Lies the best game we possibly can.

But we’ve also sat at the round table with thousands of players whom we’ve never spoken to. We want to hear everyone’s story and know who and what makes your life special.

So please join us in letting the entire Throne of Lies community know what you are thankful for and lets us all know a little bit about you. It will bring this tight knit community even closer, and you just might win some extra gold that you’ll need to purchase the many seasonal items that will be coming to the ToL store over the next few months.

Winners will be announced after Thanksgiving (11/23)


I’m thankful that this community has helped me out with my depression, in Mayish I found ToL while I was going through one of my depression phases and it honestly cheered me up. When I played my first game then I was hooked. (IF you were wondering it was Princess and I died N1 :stuck_out_tongue: ) The community here is fucking awesome (though it fucking stresses me out sometimes cough looking at you Rope cough ). I mainly have to thank Magna (The fucking wall- of text poster we all know and love), PKR, and Wolfy. Love you all <3


It may be a bit cliche and an easy choice, but I’d like to give thanks to the continued health and happiness of my family. I come from a very large family on Long Island, NY. My mom has eight brothers and she had four sons, and we’ve lived a very stereotypical Italian-American life filled with Sunday dinners at Nana and Papa’s house and huge Christmas Eve celebrations. There were so many people dancing this year in Nana’s kitchen that I thought the floor was going to buckle.

With that many people, there are sure to be fights and arguments with plenty of life’s little obstacles. But through everything, my family has stood together and brought joy to the lives of so many people. I can’t imagine life without them and I give thanks for the impact they’ve had on me as a person.


I’m thankful for my friends, family, cute anime girls, and (rightfully) not executing my fav streamer in front of 10k people smile :slight_smile:


First and foremost, I’m happy to see that the continued work and effort put into the development and regular bugfixes of this game, Even though there might be a few small issues here and there, it’s quickly taken care off.
A very nice community to Melt in with, You join; a bit anxious, but very shortly it feels like the safest place to be, due to the helpful staff, active Guides/users on the forums/discord. each and everyone coming with random, crazy, but good ideas.
Ideas, that can improve upon the very game we like/love. My respects go to the developers this year, take a break. seriously!!. you’re working way too much. it is really appreciated, but. I think you guys need to take at least 3 - 5 days with no updates. just relax, play the game, and then figure out what could be changed, instead of always relying on others :slight_smile: , now I’m not saying you’re not playing your own game, this is by no means a bad attempt to create an insult. I’m saying. play the game, you love or enjoy working on. for what it is, right now. and Don’t be shy! message someone on the discord, call them. and Enjoy yourselves.

A huge thank you to the developers for all of the continued efforts.
And, to all of the awesome people, i’ve made friends with, and hope to make friends within the future!.
I say we raise our glasses/ (for the drunk - Barrel) of Ale/ wine / soda. and all come together for a celebration!
I look forward to creating new memories and continue to see how everything ends up.


I am thankful that I am blessed with a loving family, a rooftop over my head every night, food and water and my freedom that our brave soldiers have risked their lives fighting for in my country (American)

Supringsly I have found to play this game more than my regular games like HOTS and Overwatch. I was brought over to this game from a HOTS streamer Mewnfarez and he introduced me to ToS and now ToL. I don’t know if I appreciate the simplicity of this game more than a graphic intense game or what but I freaking love this game and I also want to thank this community and the developers for making this a great game!


I’m thankful for good mods who make sure these forums stay clean. Keep up the good job!


Im thankful to be blessed with a life of plenty and without need. Its often the case that we overlook the small things in our lives that really make a difference. Thanks to this fabulous game as well, which is providing hours of bonding for me and my friends who play as well!
Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays to all!


Very thankful to the dev’s for keeping crazy fast and regular balance updates. I must say I was HUGELY impressed seeing things like

“Hey some idiot’s started a metagame of copy/paste the message for occupying someone”, then 24 hours later a quick fix was added where system messages cannot be highlighted. Or a viral video of someone overwriting his logs is followed up in a day with an undo button added to the journal etc… etc…

Similar games would let these kind of quality of life issues slide for months to a year. Keep up the good work guys. I’m sticking around on this game for a very long time.

Outside the game I’m thankful that my computer repair business has actually gotten a stable long term contract, and individual things have gone better, I can actually afford to get my wife and kids the gifts they deserve this year. Something I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to do, as I’ve spent so long just hoping I could actually afford my rent at the end of the month, let alone afford any luxury items.


I am Actually not from America, so I Actually don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but anyway:
I would like to say thanks for the health of my family, friends, and me(^o^).
‘Ugh, everyone says that’ I don’t care. It’s thanking for what you are thankful for, not thanking for something no one has said yet.
I would also like to thank the game, just because I like it. I watched one of my favourite Twitch Streamers play it (Savjz), and immediately like it. A couple of days later I bought it, and I am still very far from regretting. €10 Well Spent^o^.

Thanks for everything


Also not from the US so not celebrating Thanksgiving, but I’ll jump in.
Note: I don’t actually want to be in the drawing, just want to participate in the sharing and good mood!

I’m thankful for my friends and family who’ve been hugely supportive of everything I try to do.
I’m also thankful for the devs and mods for their trust in giving me a chance to help their game by promoting me to Moderator. I’m happy to do as much as I can to help the game I love.

I’m also happy for Thanksgiving for falling exactly on my birthday this year, even though I don’t celebrate it, it’s still nice to be appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly I’m thankful for the great community, I’ve made plenty of new friends from here and I’m glad to have met you all.


I’m thankful for the opportunity to express my creativity in the Social Deduction Genre and for the opportunity to help clean the community by being a Moderator.
I’m also Thankful for being introduced to a lot of great friends, like Magna, Disco, Moogle, Rabbit, Turnip, Methnor, Tryphon, Alfa, I could go on, Ruby, Xblade, Boslof, Luxx, and on…

I’m thankful for everyone who has supported me in my journey through life with PTSD an Bipolar, I couldn’t do it with out Throne of Lies. It has let me be me and for that, I am appreciative.

I am also very thankful for everything that my friends have done for me, whenever I’ve needed them most. I would most likely either be homeless or… worst, were it not for them.


Im thankful for when me and my brother play ToL and we both end up being unseen/cult, it happens quite often so im also thankful for my RNG


I am thankful that this game came out. This game was a beacon of hope when I was planning on qutting gaming altogether. This game saved me from that horrid fate. Thanks everyone.


I’m thankful for the good health of most of my family, friends, and myself. We often consider these things a given, but unfortunately, it’s not.

On a different level, really like how you people manage this game and community. It feels like you care.

ps: Don’t pick me as a winner, don’t care about the gold at all.


Well, I’m clearly much younger than the average respondant so far, but I’ll give it a go.
I don’t want to be entered for the drawing.

I have a lot to be thankful for, but most of all I’d definitely have to thank my family. I don’t spend time with them too too often anymore, as almost all of my time right now goes to writing college applications or doing homework (ugh), but the fact that I’ve had the support to do what I want to is amazing, especially considering that neither of them are paid particularly well. I haven’t had to worry about getting a job, instead I’ve been able to spend all of my time on the like 20 clubs/teams I’m a part of. I haven’t had to worry about going to school, as they cover the cost of furthering my education (I go to a free public school, but standardized tests, college applications, dual enrollment, and gas money to drive between the three different schools I attend daily add up really quick), even though I’m not yet in college. I have been gifted so many great opportunities, especially trips to visit National Parks and a tour of Europe, that a lot of kids don’t get from their parents. I’ll never understand why more people don’t save more of the money they make to help enrich their childrens’ lives, it does make a huge difference, and I can’t thank them enough for making it all work somehow.


I do not wish to be entered for this drawing

Sorry, but warning, this is going to be flipping long if you want to read it. Enjoy my essay xD

I’m more than thankful for my friends who I had before coming here from other fourms @finnhorizon @yauaustin202 @eevee @Xerxes @Moleland @Jumpidoll @Damafaud and anyone I’ve accidentally forgotten who I’d got on with prior.

Also for: This community, that there are many who I’ve had a great time with and became friends or at least acquainted with; The game itself which I’ve spent many long hours playing; The forums here in which I’m proud to play amongst other fans and fun people. Including streamers who I’ve gotten along with in the end too. I’m thankful to be a guide and to be able to help others. I’m thankful for my other guides too who are here. They all have been great to be with

Thirdly, I’m thankful to all staff I’ve spoken too including:

  1. The teachers which I’ve had for all my school lessons.The support I’ve received is phenomenal and you don’t know just how much you all mean to me. You help so many children and being a teacher isn’t easy in our society. But you put your all in to help me and the others in our school. For that, I am thankful.
  2. The Moderators which I’ve spoken to while here (And those from other communities too). You all contribute something different, something which we can all be thankful for from each of you.
    ISW, I’ve probably spoken to you the least, but you’re fun, friendly and hard working here. I might not know much of what you’ve done behind the scenes either, but we know modding isn’t easy.
    Rob, you’re the next least person I’ve spoken to you, but you’re friendly and I’ve seen you around more and so I know of your work somewhat. I’d love to be able to chat to you both more to get to know you both.
    Fade, quiet but very much strict on the rules. You too have a caring side and you work hard for FoL. I’m glad to have been able to talk to you. You also have a more fun, laid back side when not just concentrating on FoL, so you have depth which I’ve been able to see.
    Methnor and Ashe, I have to couple together. I’ve played FoL and ToL with you both and I’ve learned more and more to you all. You’re both super funny and friendly and I’ve enjoyed spending so much time in your company.
    Tryphon and Plex, not only have I seen you here, on the Discord, the game and more, but I’ve seen you in other places outside of here, you’re both super fun, super friendly and good players. Plex, I’ve probably played with you more and so I enjoy time with you both.
    Alfa, you’re like a parent from the internet and I’m so glad to have been able to talk to you. You brighten not only my day, but Wolfy’s too. Treating us both really well and showing us that people do really care, even if it’s just from over the web, it can be felt.
    Jammy/Ruby You, as you should know, are too one of my friends from another forum. I’m more than glad to see you here and watch you shine like all of the others. You’re a great person in the FoL community and you always show to be proud of who you are. You truly represent many people from the internet, not just those from here. I’m honoured to know someone like you who truly shows fun, friendship, relaxation and you’re super open.
  3. The devs, not only here but other places, I don’t really know any of you well but, from those of you that I do know:
    Xeddish, only thing I know is a bit of the art you’ve done but you’re amazing at what you do, so we’re thankful for that in itself.
    Elsa, the updates which I’ve received from the original backing have been great and we know that you did a lot there to inform us, or at least to myself. I mightn’t have spoken to you much but the information is useful nevertheless.
    TeaHacker, I got to see you in a place slightly away from the forums and I saw that others have fun with you, it shows that you have more of a fun side too away from the game work, so thanks for letting me see that side.
    Boslof Hard working, quirky and has an extremely good sense of humour. I’ve been able to talk to you quite a lot and each time I’m slightly surprised. You help make me laugh every time. I’ve also seen you in game and so I’ve been able to see you at action that way.
    Xblade I’m not sure what I can even say in a couple of lines. You’re super active like all your fellow mods and staff but I’ve spoken to you the most of all devs without a doubt. You’re one of the friendliest people I’ve seen and you’re always nice but also honest.

I understand how hard developpers have to work here and all places. Including those from elsewhere @Thingyman, all I can say is thanks for everything which every one of you devs do for your sites, even if we don’t always say thank you, please understand that we all truly believe in it. We don’t like disappointing people and communication is always great. May communication stay great and people can continue to work through our differences as is needed on forums.

Penultimately, I’m thankful for Wolfy. My precious treasure, boyfriend and love of my life. He’s made my life so much better, motivating me to keep fighting on despite problems we’ve both faced. He’s super strong and has plenty of problems with himself. We’ve both fought hard against depression and other conditions. I’ve been honoured to be able to spend time with him, not only on these forums, not only on the game or the discord, but literally everywhere. I cannot express just how happy I am to have him and how much I want my future to be with him.

Finally, I’m thankful for my family. Despite going through so many tough times we’ve pulled together so far and I’m glad to be able to say that.

  1. My dad, we’ve not gotten along well in the past at all really. We don’t see eye to eye over almost everything. I really dislike his job and normally don’t like helping him. He’s not great with technology and so we’re complete opposites. He even thinks I’m always playing games even when I’m doing school work (Yes, I’m not on these forums or in game all the time) but he’s improving and starting to understand me. That means a lot to me. He’s changing for the better slightly.
  2. My sisters. You’ve been through so much with me. Many tears have been shed between us both. I’m glad you’re both doing well with what you’ve been able to do. The one of you being a Uni student still, working hard still to make your dreams come true. The other of you has had so much on your mind no matter what… But you’re still hard working with your job and you help so many people too, you both have so much to be proud of
  3. Last, but most important to me without doubt… My mom. You’re the biggest inspiration I’ve ever had. The biggest inspiration to all those around you. You make me super proud, you’ve struggled all your life with so much but you’ve never given up. You’ve fought not only for yourself, but for all our family. I cannot express just how life changing what’s going on will be in the end. I know this has been hard, I know just how difficult everything has been for you and everyone else, but this is far from over. We will get through this. I have many here who’ve already helped us, but it’ll all be fine, I’ll be fine…

I take offense


Well, first of all, I assume mods are excluded from the drawing, but oh well… I’ll do it for the fun of it.

I’m thankful for everything pretty much. The devs and mods for being awesome, the community for being quite friendly compared to other games (coughs) especially on discord. Also, I’d also like to thank @TurdPile (even though he’s inactive), because he was the one that got me in the game, along with timbo (can’t find him on the forums and he’s left the discord #sad).

And I think I will end with th-

Guess not, so time to get exposed… sigh I’m a pretty sarcastic Greek student stuck in the 80s (for some reason) listening to mostly Metal and Rock and also takes deep breath doing vocals, playing guitar, working out, coding (just a little bit) and obviously gaming.

I think I got too exposed for now. Cya next year!

For all the ladies out there, I’m currently single :^)