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Throne of Smash 1 - CheesyKnives wins!


Nah just Peach/Daisy

The rest are at least attacks you can bait or dodge

The only characters I know that can survive one from Peach/Daisy are Young and Toon Link

And even that is tough to do


ok yes.


you just gotta hold a bomb


Yeah and also recover while you can’t see yourself or the ledge lol


Zelda is worse than Peach/Daisy

It can kill multiple people at 0 on battlefield stages with 100% reliability


well not worse, Peach/Daisy you can kill at 0 and also heal to 0 so i suppose it’s technically better in 1v1


for zelda to kill, you just have to jump off the stage and position it to where it will launch them into the corner of the stage once it’s complete, just like the DK Forward Throw spike combo

it’ll pull them in from across the stage, dodging and blocking wont help


The windbox actually does have a limit, so it’s better to try and blast people into the bottom of the stage imo


Snake can survive it as well with grenade, ye?


@Firekitten I summon you from Gary Oak’s closet


@Pug let’s just do this and randomize one person who gets a pass for round 1


I’m down


@discobot roll 1d7


:game_die: 5




that was just an example roll pug has to do the real roll :smirk:


@discobot roll 1d7


:game_die: 7


Just pretend that’s a three


If you wanna take the pass that’s fine with me