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Throne of Smash 1 - CheesyKnives wins!


/join EST but I’ll only have a weeklong free trial I think

Still may go for Blizer’s month if I need to but ew


I would in if not for not having wifi reeeeeeee


Tragic Ici.


when is this happening

are we playing with FS meter on or off?


Yeah, and do you need Nintendo Switch Online?
I know the answer’s yes, I just want hope.






Yeah. I actually don’t have switch online yet. But I have the money and can just get it whenever I need to


Is it really expensive elsewhere because I got a year for £18 which seems pretty reasonable to me


FS Meter off




Peach/Daisy FS is just too good to run with meter on

Also Zelda’s.



you forgot to answer the most important question


which question


I just used that to piss off my friend the entire game.

FS Meters are off so the game is more focused on skill than who can build up their meter first


when we get 8 or 16 people

probably 8 tho.

we could do 10 but the finals would become a 3 player battle


we are 1 person off

@FireKitten Join litten.


Isn’t it powers of 2? Not multiples of 8


Cuz 24 doesn’t work and 4 does


Also. Bowser FS Meter OP