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Throne of Smash 1 - CheesyKnives wins!


Now that more people own the game and now that the competitive scene is placed.

Let’s try this again

Final Rules

  • Style: Stock
  • Stock: 3
  • Time Limit: 6:00
  • Spirits: Off
  • Damage Handicap: Off
  • Stage Selection: Battlefield Only
  • Items: Disable All

All rounds will be a best of three! So first person to 2 wins wins their round!

Signups: Must be a multiple of 8 in order to work.

  1. @Pug
  2. @Blizer
  3. @PoisonedSquid
  4. @NuclearBurrito
  5. @Marluxion
  6. @Jazz
  7. @orangeandblack5
  8. @CheesyKnives

Link to the Bracket:

Also there will be a loser’s bracket.

Smash Ultimate Open Tournament
Throne of Smash 2: Smash Harder (Signups OPEN)



Whatever the fuck Denver`s is.

AKA Mountain time zone.




Should we ping people?

(Fk has influenced me too much halp)


I need NSO for this, right?


Watch me embody the power of Daisy, Pit, and the Ice Climbers (Not yet on Inkling, I’m still working on them)


/Join EST


Im Embracing the power of What i think is stupidity and memes.


/in with CST


Is Nintendo Switch Online required?
It is, right?




wakes up

If you bought Smash digitally and redeemed the Piranha Plant code, you should have enough points to get a free month of Nintendo online

goes back to sleep


@Blizer I bought the game digitally but I didn’t receive the code, what do I do?!


Okay, I found it, I’m a dumbass


I bought a physical copy.


I fucking broke one of my gamecube controllers


I hate myself deeply




/in GMT


Watch Sans Wright WHIP into battle