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Throne of Memes 2: Electric Foolgaloo! [Prizes!]


NB:Not a submission, is from Xblade on discord


brooke already posted this tho. under the name @velotoraptor


She posted her one yeah, this is Xblades one





Accurate meme


We are halfway through the contest! Make sure you post your images, videos and other comedic content before October 31st! Late entries will not be accepted!


Will this contest take a full year to judge just like the art one? :^)


If all 148 replies posted? Yes
With only 1 meme reviewed per person (which will be the best one)? No



Here’s a memes who become famous in France 2-3 days ago


we allowed multiple posts to enter or is my next post just for fun?


When you die at the end of the game as Alchemist or when you have 1 more brilder to collect as Merc




Merc wins with 7 brilders doesn’t he?


I thought it was 8


Its 6


Lol tfw Puggo mismemes


Watch out anyone who calls themself a political name



Physician probably