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Throne of Memes 2: Electric Foolgaloo! [Prizes!]


OwO , tbh i hope otb wins lul.




I diagnose this thread with dead


I diagnose you with dead

:assassin: :dagger:


okay but seriously when this getting judged I can’t wait




In 11 months


I mean the april fools doodles (not that kind you dirty fuck) hasn’t came out with results so I doubt anytime soon


Relax guys, I still have a week. :3


Also I have the results for that one, I was just being lazy.


wE cAn’T rElAx uNtIl We gOt ThE rEsUlT.

jk, take your time UwU


I just hope I can post my meme in time


you’re late


I’m not late until the results get in!


The contest is over! Here are the winners:






Congratulations to all of the winners! If you have won, please message me on DIscord or reply to this comment with your Discord name so we can get you your role on the Throne of Lies Discord. You will also each receive a 20$ Steam gift card.


Max’s one could use comedy amputation at the end.


OTB won?
My my, I’m absolutely flabbergasted!


Oh boy I won, I’m Kylo#0186 on discord


You know, the hardest part of making that meme was going through cult leader gameplay videos because I had a problem with video replay at that time :stuck_out_tongue:


tfw Maxi didn’t even post that one in the thread but its referencing the mass exodus of people yelling “REE I MAY AS WELL PLAY TOWN OF SALEM NOW” so it’s forgiben