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Throne of Memes 2: Electric Foolgaloo! [Prizes!]


hey guys it’s me, sans undertale


No no no, the script should be like this:

Attention all Throne of Lies Gamers!

The King needs your help!

He’s in Castle Adriart and all he needs to get rid of the Unseen is your Mom or Dad’s credit card number, the expiration date, and the three wacky numbers on the back!


No, wait, that would be the Tik Tok version








Typos reeeeee


oof my bad. thanks


Whisper My King


Just gonna throw this piece of art here.



1st part of the cult song :

Almost heaven, Mithras
Sacrificed Mountains, Corax’ River
Life is old there, older than the eradicate
Younger than the The Cult Leader, blowing like a Teleportation


Its like you didn’t even try


how hard is it to fit words to a tune when you already know the tune



Welp, the contest is now over. Time to judge! This may take a few weeks!


LOL I was about to say when you’re gonna show up and see you reply like whoooo

edit: i sound like i’m drunk here don’t i


Lets see if I win again


~Eleven Months Later~