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Throne of Memes 2: Electric Foolgaloo! [Prizes!]


What would a non-moron say?


I assume non-moron would accept it


I think this is not a good meme so i am gonna delete it


This is probably a common reaction from BD after executing Knight claim Day 2 and turning out it wasn’t Assassin.


But there are more knights than assassins fake claiming knight


What type of witchery is that? :eyes:




Oh! Makes sense.


specifically 0-3 > 0-1 and the odds of a Knight spawning are higher than the odds of an assassin fake claiming Knight in the first place (8/15 or 53% for knight but 1/6 or 16% for assassin)


I prefer more simple lifestyle. Like executing every Knight and Princess as they are always evil no matter what.
Oh and i forgot King is always Evil as well.


Statistically that is a losing strategy


Yes but hilarious. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people who like to use this “effective” strategy.


Original content


is that a ToS skin? lmao


If only.
BMG hire me to draw your skins for you so I can have a foot in both salads


That would be hilarious

Hit them up I’m pretty sure they hire freelance


Hippity hoppity, this meme is my property


My meme now bitch


Oh shit you came in prepared, damn it


Now draw moar furry art >:)