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Throne of Memes 2: Electric Foolgaloo! [Prizes!]


It’s Spooky Month! What a better way to celebrate the scariest month of the year than with more memes? Yes, it is time for…

Until the end of the month of October, in this thread, post your ORIGINAL reaction images, remixes, and garbage. We may have different judges this time around, so be sure to stand out.


  • 5 x 20.00 USD Steam Gift Cards to the top 5 memesters of the contest.
  • A brand new Discord title on the official Throne of Lies Discord. >

You will be judged based on creativity, content, and humor. Be original! The judges will be announced near the end of the contest.


  1. No intentional direct attacks on others, we are better than that here.
  2. No discrimination.
  3. All entries should be related to Throne of Lies.
  4. All content must still follow the forum guidelines.
  5. While you may post as many entries as your meme heart desires, you can only win once. Your best content will be chosen. Quality > Quantity.
  6. All memes should be your own. No reposts!
  7. (More rules may be added.)

If you have any questions, or you wish to post anonymously, message me @cbman on Discord or on the forums. Be sure to check out the #memes channel on the Discord for more memes.

If you need ideas, check out Throne of Memes Contest! [Prizes!].

This is an unofficial contest not sponsored by Imperium42.

Newbie FoL 2 - Hydra - The Cult, The Sellsword and The Mercenary win!

The contest is over! Here are the winners:






Congratulations to all of the winners! If you have won, please message me on DIscord or reply to this comment with your Discord name so we can get you your role on the Throne of Lies Discord. You will also each receive a 20$ Steam gift card.


My classic and spicy meme :3




Boi. It is my time to shine again.



Low effort meme first.




The first shipment of memes has arrived




some old memes


Just had a game where prince blames bd for not healing poison when he literally executed the d1 alch claim in jail


Pt 2


pt 3 of the “Prince executing confirmed alch” trilogy






This won’t qualify ;-;


but all of these are mine? what do you mean by that.


Oh, they are.


lmao why would i repost someone else’ meme. :sweat_smile: