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Throne of Lies Quiz (2.1)


I made a ToL quiz, hope you like it :smiley:

if you find anything messed up while you do it, please let me know so I fix it

Thank you for reading!


ez. Next question


I guess there are mistakes in the test

q2) alchemist can kill the king if redirected, but he can’t attack him

q5) mastermind can die N1 if detonated by sorc

q7) if alchemist wins, there will be a message saying “alchemist wins”. Draw = alchs lost (if any)

q10) is there any proof cult/unseen are compatible with each other? :slight_smile:


Their wincons state that they need to defeat the Blue Dragon and any Neutrals that would harm them. Obviously because of the way the game is set up, it would be illogical to put that the Unseen would need to kill the Cult and vice versa because it’s an impossible situation, but due to the fact that their wincons are the same, technically they would win together.

Unless you’re playing a Triple Threat game in FoL, of course.

2- She cant kill him directly

5- Thats right, thats why its not correct (Mastermind CANT die N1 by any means)

7- Alchemist wins if he survives, no matter if its a draw.

10- Yes, they are


Little update: The new alch killing king option looks like this:

Alchemist can not kill the King (without being redirected)

That way its less confusing to understand.