Throne of lies logic

You ever get those moments where you are like how??? How does this occur

Well let’s go over some

1.Butler somehow gets the king to drink poisoned wine without noticing he even drunk wine??? Was the King to drunk
To even think about it??

2.No one noticed the guy with the scythe. Like guys it’s not that hard.

3.When hunter gets executed he kills his first accuser??? Why don’t we just pardon him after seeing he’s innocent…

  1. If the fool wanted to be lynched why should we be sad? Shouldn’t we be happy he got his life goal?

5.Princess flirts with people and they are like Well sweets I am ethier a killer or a offensive. Like wut?


Oh god I accidentally posted it when it wasn’t ready


top kek


Sure, he’s a skeleton with a murder weapon. That surely doesn’t mean anything.


my worst fear

And people couldn’t identify who is the Cult Leader by looking at the symbol on their hand?

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Make up!

Yay like who needs “Killing in video games” Throne of lies makes no sense

What about making someone poisoned or bleeding? I mean how suppose Assassin would poison anyone without noticing anyone else and how they do that?

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And did they forgot about bandaids

For the king one it’s simple:

He likes wine and knew he was drinking wine. He just didn’t realize it was poisoned and he drinks often when at the table so he doesn’t find anything strange until it’s too late.

My fps drops to 10 when playing the game.

That make sense because my cpu sucks!

About King yes that’'s simple but what about others for example CL:
Did he just sneak up to his victim and he’s stabbing them in arms/legs in order to make thme bleed to death?
(2 Days is actually kinda out of logic anyway)


I got nothing there.

They use something something called spell that caused them to bleed .-.

Ewww, i wonder how would look like after someone cast this spell
(GIve an additional animation just do it!)

Prolly would just make my computer explode harder.

I just wonder one thing don’t they remember the possesor as the egyptian man they refused to give wine to?

That confused me

Don’t you see? The possesor was an Egyptian man who just wanted wine from adiart but the blue dragon refused and he has now come back with blue eyes and special powers.