Throne of Lies Interactions: Q&A

Can you double check this interaction? I know this was a thing prior to the removal of occ immunity bypasses, however right now the merc should be unaffected by the Sellsword, and thus should be able to occupy attacking visitors since the mercs occupy is unrelated to the Sellswords.

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Reap is a weird case here. If you try to heal a player the night they are reaped you will get DNR. However if you try and heal them the night AFTER they are reaped you get could not heal.

The rule is that if you try to heal a player but they flip the next day anyways you will get “could not heal”

You can get “could not heal” if you targeted the Possessors original body in this case. But not the player he is jumping into.

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Specified/fixed all the point you made, thank you. The Sellsword/Mercenary interaction is correct and written as is, though it may be confusing. Attackers/converters will visit the target, but be occupied by the Mercenary who will get brilders from them, because everyone else will be occupied by the Sellsword.


Just to clarify, this means they are still occupied, and thus will fail to Kill/Convert their target correct?

Also, does that mean an Observer can see the visit and can’t see the non-attacking/converting visitors?

Correct, there will be no conversion/attack unless the visiting attacker/MM/CL are occupy immune.

If an Occupy Immune Observer follows in this scenario, again, he should not see anyone but the Mercenary/Sellsword visiting the target as everyone else will be occupied.

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I think adding the interaction of Drunk debauch/HH + multitargetting abilities (namely swaps and double kills) would be handy, as that is a topic of quite some confusion.

Since some people don’t know whether the first or second target is changed by a debauch or HH ^^

also minor gripe:

Given this is under ‘Maid interactions’ I feel like specifying Investigative class is mildly redundant

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Added the Happy Hour/Debauch interaction, thank you.
Also clarified the wording on the Maid sheet, it was pretty awkward indeed.


Always good to read again :eyes:

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Any of those bugs fixed yet?

Its easier to answer this after 2.5 is out again

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Assuming it stayed live lol

I didn’t honestly pay much attention because I’ve had, like, two noticeably bugged games ever

The topic will be updated as soon as 2.5 is live and all fixed bugs will be removed from the list.


Delilah is best boy


Fixed formatting to make this less of a wall of text + removed some outdated interactions (mostly related to the Class section) – let me know if you like this formatting more or if it would be better reverted.

More questions possibly coming soon.


This is a small thing, but when you removed Fool being incomp by default from the Maid compatibility chart you didn’t add it into the normal results section (quoting the relevant section for clarity)

also I like the new formatting better

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Fixed those as well, thanks.

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Oh wait I wasn’t aware of this. Assassin appears as Phys when disguised?

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To investigative abilities, a Disguised Assassin will be treated as if they are a Physician.

Princess flirts them as Social/Support.

If there was a BD class that could check them for their exact class, they would get Physician.

Also, I believe that Inq with an Assassin heretic who interrogates a disguised Assassin will get Physician heretic.

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That is correct.
Like Napoleon said, for purpose of Princess Flirt (or if there was a BD class that could see certain classes on its own), Disguised Assassin appears as a Physician (S/S).

Also Napoleon’s point about Disguise + Interrogate interaction is correct as well.