Throne of Lies Interactions: Q&A

Summary: This topic is meant to provide answers to those who wish to understand how some of the lesser-known interactions work in Throne of Lies. Hopefully, it should serve as a reference and I will try to constantly update it to keep up with the patchnotes.

In this topic, I’ve attempted to create a more or less complete list of uncommon interactions and answers, so that the players can have easier access to this information and don’t need to ask for such answers twice.
The list itself is not complete, so I encourage you to ask about anything in this thread as well, so that it can be expanded and improved.

Let us begin.

List of currently known gameplay bugs:

Not class specific: At times, the game will count a few select people as Inoculated, granting them bleed immunity – this seems to happen even without any Physicians present, alive or otherwise;

The game does not immediately end once every single player is dead, instead cycling for three more days and only then resulting in a Draw – this also revokes any earned Neutral wins;

When redirected, instead of showing the player their actual target, the game will instead display “Someone redirected you to yourself” feedback – this is a visual bug, meaning that the player will still visit their appropriate target;

Court Wizard: Empowering Support classes will not aid them against Redirection.

Drunk: Currently Debauching/Happy Houring a target that uses a self-targeting ability like Self-Care or Bear will result in Drunk not getting any feedback at the end of the night;

Invoker: Strings of Mithras does not allow you to select the same target twice. This also affects Cult Leader’s Eradicate.

Inquisitor: Sometimes the game will not grant the Inquisitor their win at the ending screen even if they have survived to see all of their Heretics die. This does not happen often and there are cases where the Inquisitor still wins as normal, however those seem to be completely random;

The game will immediately end on the last Cult/Unseen/Neutral Killer death, even if the Inquisitor still has Ruthless Efficiency charges and there are still living Heretics present;

Knight: Sometimes, Knight’s Armored passive can fail and they will be killed on the first attack while defending someone – most often, this seems to happen if Possessor Puppet Strings someone into their Defend target;

Enforcer: Protection ability does not seem to function properly, not giving the Enforcer any feedback when they select it and only displaying system messages when they try to cancel it;

Maid: Currently, Disguised Mastermind shows as Incompatible with BD targets (even before N4).

Observer: Observers will not get the feedback on their Follow ability on the night they are converted – this also seems to affect Noble’s Gossip;

Pretender: Sometimes, Blood Test seems to return the Mastermind as Special/Investigative, Royal, even if they weren’t Disguised by Dark Wisp/Dark Dimension;

When redirected to themselves while using Blood Test, the Pretender will show as Special/Investigative, Not Royal – it is currently unconfirmed if this is merely a visual bug, or if this actually affects voting during King elections;

Reaper: Icy Touch seems to only last 90 seconds – which is the duration of a full day. If the day is extended by the trials or some other reason, it is possible for the Chill to wear off, thus allowing the chilled target to speak and accuse others. However, they will still be unable to vote during the trials;

If the target affected by Icy Touch is Silenced the same day, they will be able to speak once more once the Silence wears off, thus enabling them to accuse and vote on trials;

Ritualist: If the Ritualist tries to swap themselves with Teleportation, the Cult Leader and all other Cult members will see the following feedback:
“[X] will swap yourself with [Y] tonight”, instead of
“[X] will swap [X] with [Y] tonight”.

Scorned: Just like Knight’s Armored passive, sometimes Resolve passive fails and the Scorned will die on the first attack;

Sheriff: Allegedly, Sheriff’s Scout will alert them if their target is visited by someone who is converted on the same night, though this is currently unconfirmed;

Sellsword: At times, the game will not grant a Sellsword their win if they are dead, even if their win condition is fulfilled;

Timesnatcher: Currently, the Rewind passive does nothing, meaning the Timesnatcher will not get a second a second 2-for-1 charge once they become the new Assassin.

[General questions]

Q: What is the order of Night actions?
A: 1. Occupation;
2. Redirection;
3. Guard;
4. Attacks;
5. Healing;
6. Frames;
7. Investigative abilities;
8. Conversion.

Q: What about protective actions, such as healing and guard?
A: 1. Knight defend;
2. Granted immunity, such as King’s Safeguard;
3. Passive immunity;
4. Mercenary Shield;
5. Healing;
6. Time Warp;
7. Reaper’s souls.

Q: Is it true that there is a certain amount of players required for the Cult game to spawn?
A: Yes, for the Cult game to start you will need to have at least 10 players, which is the same amount required for the Neutral Killer to spawn. However, Neutral Killer is not guaranteed to spawn with 10 people present – to guarantee that, you will need at least 14 players.

Q: If a Drunk or Invoker redirects an investigative class to the King, will they see the King’s faction?
A: No. Paladins, Sheriffs, Inquisitors and Observers who use Peek will see the following message: “[X] is the King.”

Q: Can you suicide while jailed?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: If you are reaped as a Fool, then voted up and executed in court the next day, will you still win?
A: Yes, you will.

Frame Interactions

Neutral Investigative’s abilities are not affected by Scorned/Fool Frame or Aristocrat’s Intrigue, however there are numerous other abilities that can alter their results:
Targets disguised by Duchess’ Dark Wisp, Timesnatcher’s Dark Dimension and Ritualist’s Brotherhood will all affect Inquisitor’s and Pretender’s feedback.

More detailed examples:

Disguised Assassin will appear as a Physician, meaning Pretender will see them as Support/Social, Not Royal;
Disguised Mastermind appears as a Sheriff, which matters in case original Heretic Assassin becomes a Mastermind – the Inquisitor will see them as Not Heretic;
Disguised Duchess or Timesnatcher will appear as Princess, making them appear as Special/Investigative, Royal to Pretender;
Diguised Cult Leader will appear as a Paladin or Princess (latter only in case if they had a Royal Blood passive before becoming a Cult Leader);
Disguised Ritualist appears as a Court Wizard;
Disguised Apostle appears as a Noble, regardless of Apostle’s starting class, making them appear as Support/Social, Royal to Pretender;
Disguised Seeker appears as an Observer or Princess (in case they have a Royal Blood passive);
Diguised Invoker appears as a Butler or Drunk (once again, depending on their starting class).

Court Wizard’s Empower will still override these results.
(Thanks to TaYAyan/Tangeld#6642 on Discord for this information).

Side note: Evil Investigatives such as Seeker, Nightwatch, Marshal, Duchess and Handmaiden are also not affected by Frame.

Maid Interactions Sheet

Evil = Either Cult or Unseen.

Fool/Scorned + Anyone = Incompatible;
Royal Blood + Royal Blood = Incompatible;
Inquisitor + Heathen = Incompatible;

General results:
BD + BD = Compatible;
BD + Evil = Incompatible;
BD + Alchemist/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Pretender = Compatible;
BD + Sellsword = Incompatible;
Evil + Evil = Compatible;
Evil + Alchemist/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Sellsword/Pretender = Compatible;
NK + Alchemist/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Sellsword/Pretender = Compatible;
NK + BD/Evil = Incompatible;

Interactions with Frame (If you are Empowered by a Court Wizard you will ignore these):
Framed + BD = Incompatible;
Framed + Evil/Alchemist/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Sellsword/Pretender = Compatible.



Q: If you poison a Good King then get converted the same night, do you still commit suicide?
A: No, you will stay alive.

Q: Will Butler poison kill the Psycho King?
A: Yes, it will kill him unless he is healed (like with all other Kings).

Q: What about Butler poisoning a Possessor who has jumped into the King?
A: Same as the above – the Possessor will die unless they jump into another body or are healed.


Q: Does Chronomancer count as a “healer” class?
A: Yes, it does. Since each game has at least one healer, the probability of Chronomancer spawning will be higher.

Q: Can Pocket Dimension ability be healed?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: Can Reap be delayed?
A: No, Chronomancer can not delay any of the unhealable attacks – including Reap, Possess, Ruthless Efficiency, suicide via Cold Steel and attacks empowered by a Court Wizard.

Q: What happens if Physician heals someone and Chronomancer uses Time Warp on same person same night?
A: Healing has priority over Time Warp, so it won’t have any effect.

Q: How does Distort Reality work?
A: If you have successfully delayed an attack with Time Warp, you will be able to redirect this attack to someone else with Distort Reality. This Distorted attack will always happen on the night your Delayed target was supposed to die.

Q: Can you delay an attack that already has been delayed?
A: Yes, you can delay the same attack multiple times.

Q: Is it true that as a King you can Guard against a death redirected to you with Distort Reality?
A: Yes, Distort will not bypass the Guards – or Death Immunity in general.

Q: What happens if Timesnatcher uses Timesnatch on someone who gets Time Warped the same night?
A: Chronomancer’s Time Warp will delay Timesnatch as if it was a regular death.

Q: Will Distort Reality go through the Sellsword’s Stonewall?
A: No. Distort Reality is not an attack, so you will still be occupied if you try to Distort a death onto someone who is Stonewalled by a Sellsword.

Q: What happens if two Chronomancers successfully delay the same target in the same night? Who will get the results?
A: All Chronomancers will get successful delay notification, just like all Physicians would get a successful heal notification if they healed an attacked person in the same night.

Q: What about Distort Reality in the same scenario? Will both Chronomancers be able to distort the same death twice? Can they distort it to different people?
A: No, in this case only the Chronomancer who is higher on the list will be able to Distort the death to another player.
As an example, if Chronomancers [5] and [8] went to distort the same death in the same night, [5] would get a successful notification, while [8] would see “There were no deaths you could move from [X]”.

Q: What would happen if one of the Chronomancers Distorts the death N2 and the other tries to Distort it N3?
A: The second Chronomancer will still get the notification about a death that is about to catch up to their target, however their Distort will yield same results as above: “There were no deaths you could move from [X]”.

Court Wizard

Q: What happens if two Court Wizards Tornado the same person?
A: Court Wizard higher on the player list will get priority and swap the target first. Second Court Wizard will get redirected. As an example:
The two Court Wizards are [5] and [15]. [5] decides to swap [2] and [10] tonight, [15] decides to swap [2] and [12]. The result will be:
For [5]: Swap [2]&[10] – Success.
For [15]: Swap [2]&[12] – Redirected from [2] to [10] – Swap [10]&[12].

Q: If a Court Wizard Empowers a Killer class, does that make their attacks pierce Death Immunity?
A: No, it simply makes their attacks unhealable.

Q: What happens if two Court Wizards successfully Empower the same target the same night? Will they both get the feedback?
A: No, right now only the Court Wizard that is lower on the list will get Aided feedback, as their Empower will override the first one.

Q: If a Court Wizard is redirected to himself and Occupied the same night he tries to Empower someone, will he Aid himself?
A: If the Occupy attempt is a direct one (like Butler’s Serve Wine or Invoker’s Chains of Corax), then the Court Wizard will be occupied and will not aid himself, due to Occupation taking priority over Redirection.
However if the Occupy attempt is a non-direct one (like Mercenary’s Stand Guard), the Court Wizard will indeed aid himself.

Q: What does “aided” mean when you target someone with Empower?
A: It means that essentially one of the following things has happened:

-Your target is a Social class and someone tried to convert them. (Remember that Empower protects from conversion attempts , even if Mastermind or Cult Leader tries to convert a Scorned, it will say that your Empower aided them);
-Your target is a Killer class and they have attacked someone. It doesn’t mean there was an attempt to heal their target, it simply means that they have attacked;
-Your target is an Investigative class, and someone tried to Mindwarp them or they tried investigating a Framed or Disguised target;
-Your target is a Support class and either tried to visit a Jailed target, or someone tried to Occupy them;
-Your target is an Offensive class and someone tried to kill them last night, but your Empower granted them Death Immunity.

Worth of note: You cannot Empower attacks that are already Unhealable, so you will not get “aided” feedback on Reaper’s Reap or Possessor’s Possess.

Cult Leader

Q: Can a Cult Leader sacrifice a jailed target?
A: No, Sacrifice does not work in jail.

Q: Can you heal a Cult Leader that tries to convert a Smited target?
A: No, Smite bypasses Healing and Death Immunity.


Q: What happens if the same person is Occupied and Debauched the same night?
A: They will be occupied, and show up as Redirection/Occupy Immune to the Drunk – since you cannot change target of the occupied person.

Q: What happens if Drunk tries to Debauch a Physician who uses Self-Care?
A: The Drunk will get a message that his target is Redirection Immune since Self-Care is a non-targeted ability and cannot be redirected. The same thing will happen if Drunk tries to Debauch a Hunter who uses a Bear, a Noble who uses Court Spy, or a Sorcerer who uses Detonate.

Q: What happens if a Drunk Happy Hours a Court Wizard using Tornado or a Cult Leader trying to Eradicate someone? Which target will be swapped, the first one or the second one?
A: Happy Hour/Debauchery will always change the second target.

Q: What happens if two Drunks Debauch the same person the same night?
A: Their target will be Redirected twice – first by the Drunk that is higher on the list, then by the one that is lower.


Q: If you have successfully killed all 3 Heretics, can you still step up to become a Neutral King as Inquisitor?
A: No, you will not get an option to step up if you have already achieved your objective.

Q: Will you automatically lose the game if Neutral Killer and all of the Cult/Unseen members are dead, but there are still living Heretics left?
A: No. As long as you have at least one charge of Ruthless Efficiency and at least one Heretic alive, the game will keep going to allow you to achieve your win condition.

Q: What happens if a Possessor jumps into one of your Heretics? Do you just get a free kill?
A: No. If your Heretic is jumped by a Possessor, you will still need to see them executed. If you try to Interrogate them, the result will say:
“[X] is a Heretic!
They are a Possessor.”


Q: What if Scorned Frames someone the same night Evil King uses Allies on them? Will they show up as an ally?
A: No, Evil King’s Allies are not affected by Frame.


Q: How does Cold Steel work? What are the scenarios that cause you to suicide?
A: As a rule of thumb, any successful attack on a BD target will cause you to suicide, but if you CS a Death Immune BD, you will survive. So to summarize:

You will commit suicide if you hit a BD target that is healed by a Physician/Alchemist or Delayed by a Chronomancer (Pocket Dimension/Self-Care also apply here).
You will not commit suicide if you CS a BD target Safeguarded by the King, Offensive class Empowered by a Court Wizard, or target protected by Mercenary’s Shield.

Q: Can Enforcer’s Frenzy kill a jailed target? What about someone guarded by a Mercenary?
A: Frenzy will indeed bypass Imprison, however it will not pierce Mercenary’s Shield.

Q: So if Frenzy goes through everything, it will also kill the Reaper?
A: No, the situation with Reaper is a different one. The Reaper does not “heal” himself like a Physician does, he uses his souls to resurrect himself at the end of the night. So if he has at least one soul left, he will survive the attack.

Q: How does Enforcer’s Protection work?
A: Essentially, it is same as Mercenary Guard – it will occupy all and any visits to the guarded Unseen member.


Q: What happens when a Mercenary and a Sellsword try to guard the same target?
A: Both will be able to guard their target, however only those trying to attack or convert the target would be able to visit. The Mercenary will only get brilders from those visitors, as everyone else will be occupied by the Sellsword.

Q: How can you stop Shielding someone as a Mercenary?
A: Shielding yourself will cancel your active Shield.

Q : How does Shield work? Do you need to use Shield on the same person each night or will it simply stay on the target?
A: Shield acts like Sheriff’s scout, meaning it will stay on your target unless it is cancelled, swapped to someone else, or triggered by an attack.


Q: If you Gossip someone who is healed multiple times, will you see them as being healed once?
A: No, you will see the feedback twice (or as many times as they were healed).

Q: Which abilities cannot be seen with Gossip? Are there any exceptions?
A: Noble’s Gossip is unable to see the following:
King’s night abilities;
Another Noble’s Gossip/Aristocrat’s Intrigue;
Mercenary’s Shield;
Disguises (Brotherhood/Dark Dimension/Dark Wisp);
Self-targeting abilities;
Redirecting abilities.

Everything else should return feedback as normal.

Q: Can you use Political Pressure on reaped/silenced people?
A: You are able to force reaped/silenced people to accuse others, however forcing a reaped player will yield no result – it will simply consume one charge of your ability.


Q: If an Observer follows someone who tries to visit a jailed target and gets prevented, will they still see that attempt as a visit?
A: No, they will see the target visiting no one.

Q: What about Observer following someone who is redirected to themselves? Or getting Happy Houred/swapped to himself?
A: Let’s say that the Observer Follows [14] and they are swapped from their target by [4], the Court Wizard. In this case, the feedback will be:
[14] visited no one last night.
[4] visited [14] last night.

Q: What happens if you get Mindwarped or follow a Framed target as an Observer? How will it affect Follow?
A: There are two possible outcomes:

1. You will see your target visiting the same person who died the same night;
2. If there were no deaths, your results will show no visits/no visitors to the target instead.

Q: Let’s say an Observer visits a Hunter who uses Hunter’s Mark. Will they see him visiting his first target or will they see him visiting both?
A: The Observer will see him visiting both. This also applies to Chronomancer who uses Distort Reality – they will be seen visiting both people.


Q: What causes the message “You could not heal [X]”?
A: Enforcer’s Frenzy, Knight’s Guard and suicide via Cold Steel, Reap (on the second night), Inquisitor’s Ruthless Efficiency and target being attacked by a Killer class who was Empowered by a Court Wizard.

Q: Possessor’s class card says that his jumps cannot be healed. Will the Physician see “You could not heal [X]” message on them as well?
A: No, you will still see DNR if you try to heal a jump target, however if you heal Possessor’s original body, you will indeed see the “could not heal” feedback.

Q: Will Exhume notify you which Neutral Killer has killed your target? Or will it simply say that they were killed by a NK?
A: The feedback will specify if they were killed by a Possessor, Reaper or Sorcerer.

Q: Will Exhume give different notifications if the player’s body was Possessed or if they were simply killed by a Possessor?
A: No, the feedback will be same in both cases.

Q: What about Exhuming someone killed by the Psycho King? Will it still say Possessor/Sorcerer/Reaper or will it show Psycho King?
A: If you exhume a target killed by the Psycho King, your result will display it as: “[X] was killed by an Alchemist”.


Q: Which abilities trigger Princess’ Will-o-Wisp?
A: Alchemist’s Emerald Potion;
Assassin’s Assassinate and 2-For-1;
Cult Leader’s Eradicate;
Knight’s Cold Steel;
Hunter’s Hunter’s Mark (even if you do not actually attack someone);
Inquisitor’s Ruthless Efficiency;
Possessor’s Puppet Strings and Possess;
Pretender’s Kinslayer;
Reaper’s Reap and Circle of Death;
Sorcerer’s Magic Missile (even if you do not attack because of Perception passive).

Q: If you Mindwarp a Princess that uses Wisp, will she get the message that her target attacked someone?
A: Yes, the Wisp will notify the Princess.


Q: If Possessor jumps into a member of the Cult/Unseen and is checked by a Paladin or Sheriff the same night, will they come up as NS?
A: The Possessor will come up as Cult/Unseen to the investigative classes due to the night action priority. However, if they are investigated again the next night, they will appear NS.

Q: Do Puppet Strings count as an attack if the Princess Wisps you?
A: No, Puppet Strings will not trigger the Wisp. If the person you use to attack someone is Wisped, however, it will notify the Princess.


Q: If you redirect the Reaper to himself, will he reap his own soul? What if he uses Gather Darkness?
A: No, in both cases. If the Reaper is swapped to himself he will simply see the following message: “You cannot reap yourself.”

Q: What happens if the Reaper empower reaps a target guarded by the Knight?
A: The guarding Knight will get reaped.

Q: If the Reaper is attacked twice in one night, will he lose two souls or just one?
A: He will always lose one, no matter how many times he was attacked in the same night.

Q: If an Alchemist uses Stoneskin, then heals a target Circled by the Reaper, will they die?
A: No, the Alchemist will survive.


Q: If a target Framed by Scorned visits someone who is Scouted by a Sheriff, will the Sheriff be alerted?
A: No, the Scout will not alert the Sheriff.

Q: What happens if the Scorned frames a target that is Surveilled by a Sheriff? What about Fool framing himself?
A: Surveillance will show the framed target as an Assassin in both cases.

Q: Can you find a Mastermind before N4 if you use Surveillance?
A: No, Surveillance will not bypass Mastermind’s passive.

Q: What happens if Unseen try to visit someone who is Scouted by a Sheriff and jailed that night? Will your Scout still be alerted?
A: Yes, the Sheriff will still get notification.


Q: What happens if a Sorcerer Detonates walking bomb in you while you are shielded by a Mercenary? Will you survive?
A: Yes, you will.

Q: Can you die while jailed if Sorcerer Detonates a bomb in you the same night?
A: Yes, Jail does not negate the effects of Detonate.

Q: How does Empower work with Detonate? Will it make the bombs unhealable?
A: No. Detonate itself does not count as an attack, therefore it will not be affected by Empower.


Cold Steel is healable. You are thinking of defend. Unless you mean the guilt aspect, in which case you should specify that.

Also I’d add Empowered attacks, Prince execute and Possess onto that list.

The way this is worded implies some things that aren’t true.

Just say that Smite bypasses Healing and Death Immunity. It not counting as an attack is irrelevant since both Healing and Death immunity work on many non-attacks. Distort reality for example does not bypass death immunity despite not being an attack.

Defend is the only defensive ability that exclusively guards from attacks and nothing else. If you want to bring up Smite not being an attack then you should do it for this Ability.

Can you double check this interaction? I know this was a thing prior to the removal of occ immunity bypasses, however right now the merc should be unaffected by the Sellsword, and thus should be able to occupy attacking visitors since the mercs occupy is unrelated to the Sellswords.

Reap is a weird case here. If you try to heal a player the night they are reaped you will get DNR. However if you try and heal them the night AFTER they are reaped you get could not heal.

The rule is that if you try to heal a player but they flip the next day anyways you will get “could not heal”

You can get “could not heal” if you targeted the Possessors original body in this case. But not the player he is jumping into.

Specified/fixed all the point you made, thank you. The Sellsword/Mercenary interaction is correct and written as is, though it may be confusing. Attackers/converters will visit the target, but be occupied by the Mercenary who will get brilders from them, because everyone else will be occupied by the Sellsword.

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Just to clarify, this means they are still occupied, and thus will fail to Kill/Convert their target correct?

Also, does that mean an Observer can see the visit and can’t see the non-attacking/converting visitors?

Correct, there will be no conversion/attack unless the visiting attacker/MM/CL are occupy immune.

If an Occupy Immune Observer follows in this scenario, again, he should not see anyone but the Mercenary/Sellsword visiting the target as everyone else will be occupied.

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I think adding the interaction of Drunk debauch/HH + multitargetting abilities (namely swaps and double kills) would be handy, as that is a topic of quite some confusion.

Since some people don’t know whether the first or second target is changed by a debauch or HH ^^

also minor gripe:

Given this is under ‘Maid interactions’ I feel like specifying Investigative class is mildly redundant

Added the Happy Hour/Debauch interaction, thank you.
Also clarified the wording on the Maid sheet, it was pretty awkward indeed.

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