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Throne of Lies Interactions: Q&A


Summary: This topic is meant to provide answers to those who wish to understand how some of the lesser-known interactions work in Throne of Lies. Hopefully, it should serve as a reference and I will try to constantly update it to keep up with the patchnotes.

Greetings. After looking through our Discord server, I’ve realized that there are a lot of questions which have been answered before, but are still being asked to this day because the answers have been buried by other messages.
In this topic, I’ve tried to create a more or less complete list of these questions and their answers, so that the players can have easier access to this information and don’t need to ask for these interactions twice.

The following list has been written after reviewing pinned posts in #ask-a-guide and discussions in #general-tol, as well as some of the topics on the forums.
The list itself is not complete, so I encourage you to ask about anything in this thread as well, so that it can be expanded and improved.

Let us begin.

[General questions]

Q: What is the order of Night actions?
A: 1. Occupation, Redirection, Guard;
2. Attacks;
3. Healing;
4. Investigative abilities;
5. Conversion.

Q: If a Drunk or Invoker redirects an investigative class to the King, will they see the King’s faction?
A: No. Paladins, Sheriffs, Inquisitors and Observers who use Peek will see the following message: “[1] is the King.”

Q: Can you suicide in jail?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: If you Mindwarp a Princess that uses Wisp, will she get the message that her target attacked someone?
A: No, Mindwarp doesn’t affect Wisp.

Q: If you are reaped as a Fool, then voted up and executed in court the next day, will you still win?
A: Yes.



Q: If you poison a Good King then get converted the same night, do you still commit suicide?
A: No, you will stay alive.

Q: Will Butler poison kill the Psycho King?
A: Yes, it will kill him unless he is healed (like with all other Kings).

Q: What about Butler poisoning a Possessor who has jumped into the King?
A: Same as the above - the Possessor will die unless they jump into another body or are healed.


Q: Does Chronomancer count as a “healer” class?
A: Yes, it does. Since each game has at least one healer, the probability of Chronomancer spawning together with Physician will be higher.

Q: Can Pocket Dimension ability be healed?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: Can Reap be delayed?
A: No, Chronomancer can’t delay unhealable attacks.

Q: What happens if Physician heals someone and Chronomancer uses Time Warp on same person same night?
A: Healing has priority over Time Warp, so TW won’t have any effect.

Q: How does Distort Reality works?
A: If you have successfully delayed an attack with Time Warp, you will be able to swap this attack to someone else with Distort Reality two nights later.

Q: Can you delay an attack that already has been delayed?
A: Yes, you can delay the same attack multiple times.

Q: Is it true that as a King you can Guard against a death redirected to you with Distort Reality?
A: Yes, Distort will not bypass the Guards.

Court Wizard

Q: What happens if two Court Wizards Tornado the same person?
A: Court Wizard higher on the player list will get priority and swap the target first. Second Court Wizard will get redirected. As an example:
The two Court Wizards are [5] and [15]. [5] decides to swap [2] and [10] tonight, [15] decides to swap [2] and [12]. The result will be:
For [5]: Swap [2] < > [10] – Success.
For [15]: Swap [2] < > [12] – Redirected from [2] to [10] – Swap [10] < > [12].

Q: If a Court Wizard Empowers a Killer class, does that make their attacks pierce Death Immunity?
A: No, it simply makes their attacks unhealable.

Cult Leader

Q: Can a Cult Leader sacrifice a jailed target?
A: No, Sacrifice does not work in jail.

Q: Can you heal a Cult Leader that tries to convert a Smited target?
A: No, Smite does not count as an attack - it cannot be healed and bypasses death immunity.


Q: What happens if the same person is Occupied and Debauched the same night?
A: They will be occupied, and show up as Redirection/Occupy Immune to the Drunk (since you cannot change target of the occupied person).

Q: If Drunk tries to Debauch a Court Wizard who is swapping someone, will they change their first target or the second one?
A: Debauchery will always change their first target.

Q: What happens if Drunk tries to Debauch a Physician who uses Self-Care?
A: The Drunk will get a message that his target is Redirection Immune since Self-Care is a non-targeted ability and cannot be redirected. The same thing will happen if Drunk tries to Deb a Mystic or Noble who uses Maid Spy.


Q: Can Enforer’s Frenzy kill a jailed target? What about someone guarded by a Mercenary?
A: Yes, in both cases. Frenzy will guarantee the kill on Assassin’s target no matter what.

Q: So if Frenzy goes through everything, it will also kill the Reaper?
A: No, the situation with Reaper is a different one. The Reaper does not “heal” himself like a Physician does, he uses his souls to resurrect himself at the end of the night. So if he has at least one soul left, he will survive the attack.

Q: How does Enforcer’s Protection work?
A: Essentially, it is same as Mercenary Guard - it will occupy all and any visits to the guarded Unseen member.


Q: If you have successfully killed all 3 Heathens, can you still step up to become a Neutral King as Inquisitor?
A: No, you will not get an option to step up if you have already achieved your objective.


Q: What if Scorned Frames someone the same night Evil King uses Allies on them? Will they show up as an ally?
A: No, Evil King’s Allies are not affected by Frame. Good King will see Framed results, however.

Maid’s Interactions Sheet

Evil = Either Cult or Unseen.

Fool/Scorned + Anyone = Incompatible;
Royal Blood + Royal Blood = Incompatible;
Inquisitor + Heathen = Incompatible;

General results:
BD + BD = Compatible;
BD + Evil = Incompatible;
BD + Alchemist/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Pretender = Compatible;
Evil + Evil = Compatible;
Evil + Alchemist/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Sellsword/Pretender = Compatible;
NK + Alchemist/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Sellsword/Pretender = Compatible;
NK + BD/Evil = Incompatible;

Interactions with Frame (Court Wizard’s Empower on Investigative class will ignore these):
Framed + BD = Incompatible;
Framed + Evil/Alchemist/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Sellsword/Pretender = Compatible.

Mindwarped Maid will have her result flipped: incompatible partners become compatible and vice/versa.

There is currently a bug where Fool and Scorned can be compatible with other classes.


Q: What happens when a Mercenary and a Sellsword try to guard the same target?
A: The Sellsword will always have a priority while guarding someone.

Q: How can you stop Shielding someone as a Mercenary?
A: Shielding yourself will cancel your active Shield.


Q: If you Gossip someone who is healed multiple times, will you see them as being healed once?
A: No, you will see the feedback twice (or as many times as they were healed).

Q: Can Gossip see King’s Allies?
A: No, you cannot see Allies with Gossip.


Q: If an Observer follows someone who tries to visit a jailed target and gets prevented, will they still see that attempt as a visit?
A: Yes, they will.

Q: What happens if you get Mindwarped as an Observer? How will it affect Follow?
A: You will see your target visiting the same person who dies the same night (if possible). If no one died that night, you will see no visits/visitors to your target.


Q: What causes the message “You could not heal [X]”?
A: Enforcer’s Frenzy, Knight’s Guard and suicide via Cold Steel, Reap, Inquisitor’s Ruthless Efficiency and target being attacked by a Killer class who was Empowered by a Court Wizard.

Q: Possessor’s class card says that his jumps cannot be healed. Will the Physician see “You could not heal [X]” message on them as well?
A: No, you will still see DNR if you try to heal a jump target.

Q: Will Exhume notify you which Neutral Killer has killed your target? Or will it simply say that they were killed by a NK?
A: The feedback will specify if they were killed by a Possessor, Reaper or Sorcerer.

Q: Will Exhume give different notifications if the player’s body was Possessed or if they were simply killed by a Possessor?
A: No, the feedback will be same in both cases.


Q: If Possessor jumps into a member of the Cult/Unseen and is checked by a Paladin or Sheriff the same night, will they come up as NS?
A: The Possessor will come up as Cult/Unseen to the investigative classes due to the night action priority. However, if they are investigated again the next night, they will appear NS.


Q: If you redirect the Reaper to himself, will he reap his own soul? What if he uses Gather Darkness?
A: No, in both cases. If the Reaper is swapped to himself he will simply see the following message: “You cannot reap yourself.”

Q: What happens if the Reaper empower reaps a target guarded by the Knight?
A: The guarding Knight will get reaped.

Q: If the Reaper is attacked twice in one night, will he lose two souls or just one?
A: He will always lose one, no matter how many times he was attacked in the same night.

Q: If an Alchemist uses Stoneskin, then heals a target Circled by the Reaper, will they die?
A: No, the Alchemist will survive.


Q: If a target Framed by Scorned visits someone who is Scouted by a Sheriff, will the Sheriff be alerted?
A: No, the Scout will not alert the Sheriff.

Q: What happens if the Scorned frames a target that is Surveilled by a Sheriff? What about Fool framing himself?
A: Surveillance will show the framed target as an Assassin in both cases.


Q: What happens if a Sorcerer Detonates walking bomb in you while you are shielded by a Mercenary? Will you survive?
A: No. As description on Detonate says, it will bypass Death Immunity - and Mercenary Shield works just like one time death immunity. The Sorcerer will still be able to kill you.

Q: Can you die while jailed if Sorcerer Detonates a bomb in you the same night?
A: Yes, Jail does not negate the effects of Detonate.

Beginner's Evil Claiming Guide [Community Run] 2.1.0

I’ll take “things that should be on the wiki but I’m too lazy to do” for $400, Alex :eyes:


Wait, did they seriously change Tornado to bypass the King’s occupation immunity? I really want to roll a Ritualist now.


Yup :wink:


Is it possible to change this to a prevented message? This is a fairly obscure interaction that I’m sure most of the playerbase is unaware of, and may lead to BD accidentally turning against BD due to a misunderstanding of these mechanics.


Some of these I would contest. In particular:

The target being occupied is a listed reason for a debauchery to fail. In otherwords there is no contradiction for the player list to solve. Meaning that the Drunk would ALWAYS be told the target was immune.

You can also guard the Mastermind

I wouldn’t be so sure this answer actually holds up. More on that in a second.

You would get “could not heal” regardless of another attack. I’ve personally tested this one.

Ah but the Possessor doesn’t visit the Butler. So does party work on non-visiting Ability’s or not? The person being controlled should be occupied by this. Also what about Sorcerer?


This is referring to the Sorc’s Circle of Death, right?


This is true, Reap prevents healing on its own.


The target being occupied is a listed reason for a debauchery to fail. In otherwords there is no contradiction for the player list to solve. Meaning that the Drunk would ALWAYS be told the target was immune.


You can also guard the Mastermind

Will be corrected. I initially wrote “Assassin” because there’s little reason to usually guard the Mastermind.

You would get “could not heal” regardless of another attack. I’ve personally tested this one.

When was the last time this was tested? Because I recall getting DNR on a Reaped target. It will be fixed but if you have any screenshots or videos - I wouldn’t mind seeing them.

Ah but the Possessor doesn’t visit the Butler

This has been tested however and I might be able to find the link if you are interested. Possessor getting occupied by the Party might not be intended, yet it works in such way right now. It could be specifics of Puppet Strings ability.

Wolf will go through the Party though.

Also what about Sorcerer?

Should be occupied if she tries to attack Partying Butler.


Correct, this has been clarified.


probably worth including here that I’m pretty sure king keeps passives?
like alchemist neut king is immune to poison


Okay, finally added all of them to the wiki :sweat_smile:




Even if she uses magic cloak?


So you got the $400?


Why not? It should. There’s no reason for mind warp to not affect will-o-wisp, other than princess being weak, but mind warp also affects flirt.

I have a question about enforcer. When frenzy is used and the assassin uses 2-for-1, it has no effect. Is this intended or a bug? If it’s intended then it shouldn’t be.

This doesn’t make sense. It’s the possessor’s target that visits the target, not the possessor. And party affects visitors, not targeters.



It also implies that directly occupying the Possessors target will stop his kill. Especially if it is with happy hour


Can I kill the killer if I get delayed as hunter and bear the night I die?

Nope, it will only tell you you are immune.

Source: firsthand.