Throne of Lies FM - Game Over (Mafia and Ritualist WIn)- 5/16

Here’s my law:

If you make a private chat, we must know about it and we must know what’s being discussed. I feel like this system can be easily abused by scum to get more powerful roles.

At least tell us who you discussed.

> And the mysterious narrator voice that you AREN’T ACKNOLODGING is Icibalus#8602.

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discord is weird and i don’t think i know astands tag so imma just forum it have fun

Fourm is easier I don’t wanna go back and fourth if I don’t have too

Kinda ruins the private aspect don’t ya think


Not really. We don’t know exactly what you said but it’s better to keep track of who has rumours.

Ok then lmao

continues to talk abt you behind your back

Oh fuck of no

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t that make it easier for scum to pr hunt? They’d know who has rumors and depending on the action we know the relative strength. It may easily point to a player

If you’re gonna give me rumor then might as well spam talk about me

I still don’t know how it works tho

Also Ici won’t answer my questions

It’s both beneficial and not. It’s better to know who has them imo.

Your point is valid though, didn’t think about that.

As far as I can tell the person using the ability is not informed of their rumor level, so idk how this is gonna work out

Do you have any abilties? Not what they are just do you have more than like a passive

Showering brb

Oh, day’s started?

Okay I’m back hi Ami

> Please note that for obvious reasons I have to be invited to EVERY communication. If I am not in a game-related communication, please add me ASAP