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Throne of Lies explained in 1 minute (SoundCloud)


Check it out –

Be sure to check out our Soundcloud for more interesting/related content!


Very nicely explained in the audio in 1 min. Using soundcloud we can post our own musics.


this seems really weird the account was created and he commented on this at the exact same time

@solic is this one of the evil bots


I don’t think so


he probably created the account for this


so let me get this straight

This guy, created an account Before posting this post. Then posted that post right away after creating it. What was he doing in looking at the forums to find this thread that’s literally 3 years old?


I have no idea.

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it’s a bot Geyde



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Lol, if he’s actually legit, you’re being most welcoming. :smile:

I have my own doubts, but if this is their only post, then I don’t see much harm.


“Coming soon”? Isn’t it available now?


Oh wait I figured it out. This is old