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Throne of Lies - A Tutorial Script


Alright. With the advent of all the new players in the game we need a right-proper TUTORIAL that explains the game and its intricacies. While we can’t explain everything to a new player we can definitely explain some stuff about the game.

Below is a possible Script for a THRONE OF LIES TUTORIAL. While it only covers the BLUE DRAGON / UNSEEN from a SHERIFF’s POV it talks about a few classes, basics as to why people target certain people, keeping and comparing LOGS, lying about LOGS, CONVERSION mechancis, NEUTRAL KILLERS, the JAIL and much more.

I have no clue why I’m posting it but here we go. Enjoy.


<Cue Day 1 – Intro>

You’re the SHERIFF! It’s your job to find the UNSEEN and to get them out of the kingdom so the BLUE DRAGON can be victorious. This is the 1st DAY, during the DAY the players can TALK and DISCUSS what to do next. You see, the UNSEEN know their allies but you DO NOT. Some classes have abilities during THE DAY. You see the SCOUT ability BELOW? Click on it and select a number to target them, this ability tells you if the UNSEEN VISIT your TARGET tonight.

<Cue Night 1 – Logs and Abilities>

This is the NIGHT PHASE. People can use their abilities to help each other, but the UNSEEN and the NEUTRAL KILLER are going to KILL and CONVERT people tonight. Start by using your EXPERT INVESTIGATION ability on a player. Notice how you cannot target the KING? The KING is a Special Class that can be on either side of the GAME and CANNOT be INVESTIGATED. Choose a player to TARGET and you will see if they are UNSEEN or NOT SUSPICIOUS.

Make sure to write in your LOGBOOK what number you targeted and what the result was, if you DIE this information will be shared with the rest of the COURT.

Oh, it seems they are NOT SUSPICIOUS. This means they are NOT in the UNSEEN… usually. Some abilities such as the UNSEEN MASTERMIND’S IN THE SHADOWS make them look NOT SUSPICIOUS and some abilities like the NEUTRAL SCORNED’S FRAME make people look UNSEEN.

<Cue Day 2 – Execution and Voting Tutorial>

Oh no someone died NIGHT ONE! We need to get to the bottom of this MYSTERY and FAST! We need to talk and VOTE people to execute. Since you are BLUE DRAGON you need to deal with the UNSEEN. Oh! It seems the KING found a LEAD last night with his ALLIES ability. <He votes up X> Seems like the KING may have found a KILLER. The BLUE DRAGON DRUNK says that they redirected the ACCUSED to the now DEAD PERSON using their DEBAUCHERY ability, seems like that player may be an UNSEEN ASSASSIN. We need one more vote so why don’t we vote them up? If we don’t vote, the UNSEEN will pick us off one by one.

Enough votes to put them on TRIAL. Now they will usually defend themselves. Remember that LOGBOOK I mentioned last NIGHT? This is a great time to use information here to DEFEND or CONDEMN the person. INFORMATION is key! Hm, it seems that their logs don’t really match up. The person they claimed to have targeted was JAILED by the BLUE DRAGON PRINCE? Uh oh, BLUE DRAGON has no real need to lie most of the time so this is suspicious, let’s vote to EXECUTE them! <Execution happens>

They were a NEUTRAL SORCERER? Wow that’s a relief! In addition to the UNSEEN there is a single NEUTRAL KILLER whose job is to be the last one standing. Now that they are out, BLUE DRAGON is going to be a little safer, though there is still the UNSEEN problem…

<Cue Night 2 – Being Jailed>

It seems you got JAILED by the BLUE DRAGON PRINCE. The interesting thing about the PRINCE is that they can NEVER be CONVERTED to the EVIL FACTION. This is a great time to tell the PRINCE what you found NIGHT 1 and your CLASS so he can help PROTECT key targets and EXECUTE the UNSEEN. Make sure to LOG that you were IMPRISONED.

<Cue Day 3 – Wasting a Day>

Another bright DAY, another DEAD BODY! Our DRUNK friend from yesterday was KILLED! They must have killed him because he was a CONFIRMED BLUE DRAGON. That means that he has a lot of credibility. Those nasty UNSEEN are at it again! It seems that someone has a LEAD today, great! <VOTING HAPPENS> They are claiming to be a BLUE DRAGON KNIGHT? The KNIGHT is a KILLER capable of DEFENDING targets and KILLING those who attack. Hm, it seems their LOGS are fairly normal, but the UNSEEN ASSASSIN is also a KILLER class… Another SHERIFF says it is UNSEEN though? I think we should EXECUTE just so we can make sure and to see if the SHERIFF is LEGITIMATE! While you are a SHERIFF, there can be up to THREE of any NON UNIQUE BLUE DRAGON CLASSES… so you may have another SHERIFF here.

Oh no! It was actually a KNIGHT! What does that mean? Is the SHERIFF a SHERIFF? Were they fooled by a SCORNED FRAME? The PRINCE might have words with them TONIGHT…

<Cue Night 3 – Finding Scum>

Alright another NIGHT. Try out your EXPERT INVESTIGATION on someone who is SUSPICIOUS. There is a VERY GOOD CHANCE that the SUSPICIOUS SHERIFF from earlier might be with the PRINCE tonight, so targeting them might waste your night, you can’t visit JAILED targets at ALL! Choose someone to INVESTIGATE and LOG it down!

Oh! You found UNSEEN! Write it down QUICKLY! Tomorrow we have to convince the COURT what you found is REAL!

<Cue Day 4 – Exing Scum>

Another DAY, and some more bodies. Who turned up this time? It seems that SUSPICIOUS SHERIFF was a SCORNED after all! Their goal is to get people they FRAME EXECUTED… so it’s a good thing they are dead. Look at the DEATH NOTE, it’s a CROWN with a P… It seems the PRINCE wanted to send a message. DEATH NOTES are used to give a little extra information about who KILLED a target, in this case the PRINCE wanted to let everyone know anonymously that it was them.

In a normal GAME you may want to be cautious with your INFORMATION and claiming a POWERFUL class such as the SHERIFF but the SCORNED was JAILED and EXECUTED last NIGHT so they couldn’t have FRAMED your target!

Up them then post your LOG to convince people! It seems the UNSEEN is panicking on their TRIAL because they DID NOT keep LOGS! That’s really bad! It is CRUCIAL to keep a good LOGBOOK even as UNSEEN, though you may want to LIE about who you are.

Good job you EXECUTED your first UNSEEN!

Only two left, though their numbers can rise until the original ASSASSIN and MASTERMIND have died.

The King is asking the court to have a BLUE DRAGON PHYSICIAN or BLUE DRAGON CHRONOMANCER on you so you don’t get KILLED, you are a valuable asset!

<Cue Night 4 – Conversion>

You know the drill. Target a player and LOG it!

Oh what’s this? You found UNSEEN but were CONVERTED to the UNSEEN FACTION in the same NIGHT? Hm that is tricky indeed, maybe you should FALSIFY your LOGS to protect your new ALLIES. You see, THRONE OF LIES is a game where you can change sides to the UNSEEN if you get CONVERTED by the MASTERMIND. Remember what I said about giving good information and trying to get the UNSEEN EXECUTED? That is no longer the case as you are now allied with the UNSEEN and you need to get the BLUE DRAGON to LOSE. You can tell who your fellow members are by seeing the name list in the BOTTOM RIGHT.

One more thing about joining the UNSEEN, you shouldn’t put your ALLIES in your LOGBOOK, you don’t want all of your new ALLIES to get EXECUTED should you die!

<Cue Day 5 – Trickery>

Oh nice! The PRINCE was killed by the UNSEEN ASSASSIN last night. They must have gotten wind of some information with the MASTERMIND’S LITTLE BIRDS DAY ABILITY. It lets them READ WHISPERS. It appears all the SUPPORT and PROTECTION classes were defending you, lucky.

The BLUE DRAGON PRINCESS says they found a KILLER/OFFENSIVE class with their FLIRT ability… and they are pointing at your UNSEEN ASSASSIN! This is a tricky choice here, but it seems there are only a few living people left… If you were to get them to EXECUTE a BLUE DRAGON or not EXECUTE at all today you might have enough time at NIGHT to KILL and CONVERT the remaining people and CONTROL THE VOTE during the DAY. Maybe you should post your LOGS, you are a “SHERIFF” after all.

It seems that they believe it to be a BLUE DRAGON KNIGHT, it is a KILLER/OFFENSIVE class from the BLUE DRAGON FACTION. Your two LOGS match up and the BLUE DRAGON is questioning their vote.

It seems the DAY is out of time! Lucky, your ASSASSIN made it out alive for another day… Wasting time is VERY GOOD for the UNSEEN because most of the time BLUE DRAGON can only KILL during the day (with some exceptions).

<Cue Day 6 – Unseen Meeting>

The special part about being in the UNSEEN is that you can coordinate with your allies here. You can talk strategy for the next day, long-term plans, trade LOGS to match up information and many other things. The MASTERMIND is asking if you can use your SNOOP ability on the PRINCESS to steal her LOGS, it would be good to know the rest of the people she has TARGETED with FLIRT. Make sure you don’t write SNOOP in your LOGBOOK though, it is an ability unique to the MARSHALL! Make up some LIE saying you used your SURVEILLANCE or EXPERT INVESTIGATION ability instead.

Well, that’s the BASICS for THRONE OF LIES. It is your job now to finish the BLUE DRAGON.

Good luck and if you want to know what the CLASSES do you should definitely read up on them and join the DISCORD to ask questions and learn new strategies!


Just use your IMAGINATION.


The constant caps makes me feel weird. Also sheriff isn’t THAT critical of a role in ToL (Unlike in FoL where he totally is) so open claiming him is fine


Also to really simulate the game you should have the BD randomly vote you when you accuse the Unseen because they are suspecting that you are scorned and that the other one is a poss jump (which obviously makes no sense)


The caps lock is supposed to represent Glossary Terms.

I just don’t want to format the whole thing.


I know I know but… shivers


Let’s go a step further and teach people scum hunting.

One of the guys who is accusing you is an unseen buddy, who do you think it is?


None of them

You’re lying it’s cult