Throne of Lies 2nd anniversary - Forum Event

Hey everyone :wave:

It’s been 2 years since the release of game which brought us together. A lot of people has visited our community and many of them decided to stay.

Happy anniversary to all of you.

There wouldn’t be much of a community if not for people who create it.

We started small, but now we are many, not only in numbers, but in talent and creativity. And hence creativity is what we would love to show through our event.

As such, we have prepared some fun games to celebrate the occasion:

Also at 29.09 we will run a selection of short minigames, including:

  • Turbo Legacy Mafia - 3 short mafia games with result of each influencing the next ones.
  • Live games plaied via discord - Jackbox, wolfia ect.

Starting 7pm GMT / 3pm ET.


Participation in each event will grant you tickets toward the lottery, which will be held on 10th Oct.

Prizes pool include:

  • Game keys
  • Official ToL mousepads
  • Exclusive forum titles
  • Kissel
    And more!


Once again, thank you for staying with us and we hope to see you at the event!

eevee | Forum Moderator


Aaah, so late and I have work the next day.

Happy 2nd year anniversary everyone! :partying_face: Thank you also Eevee for all the work you have put in and continue to put into this community.

Titles you say?

Need a new mousepad old one got stained

Turbo legacy mafia.
Finaly something I’m actually good at as town.

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Which discord?

will the discord games be advertised on the forum or only on the discord?

and which discord?

The best one

i mean presumably the tol discord, like the official one

Eh like thats fine and all but is there any non push to talk calls in that one

why wouldnt you use push-to-talk

its annoying to do especially if im doing other things at the same time

just curious but has this already finished?

nah things are still happening, i think.
i think most of them have started already, but you can backup them

did Jackbox ever happen? cuz id be down

The discord game has ended.

We had like ~9 people all the time and random people from discord were joining as well.

@ me if jackbox happens