Thread reads are pseudo science change my mind

Change my mind :tea:

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This post is an elaborate 4d chess game

@geyde @arete come on battle with me and lose horribly

@arete since the last post didn’t ping since I had to edit it

change my mind

that’s not how this works stop defying the laws of physics plz


Depending on how exactly you define your terms, thread reads when done well have >rand effectiveness at catching wolves

Counter Counter Point

What’s the definition of pseudo science?

Wait heck now you know my first initial

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mafia is literally just pseudo science get destroyed by my 4D chess skills

on a serious note, let’s define pseudo science as something different here.

Let’s define pseudo science as something that can work sometimes when done right, but often even if done correctly doesn’t work well

I would argue that if using them works better than not doing that, they aren’t pseudoscience

Is gamestate analysis valid

Vaccines aren’t perfectly effective, that doesn’t mean they’re pseudoscientific


How do I do threadstate reads that accomplish anything useful?

There are many ways of reading people in mafia, some are more effective then others. However the main problem with thread reads is they start with an assumption of what wolves are doing, instead of reading the motivation for what someone is doing.

For example, Geyde said that capage was villager since everyone accepted he was town. Instead of looking for why people are accepting him as town, he’s assuming wolves are town reading him and TMI’ing him.

It’s a flawed assumption

Counterpoint: Capage was indeed a villager :upside_down_face:

I’m half asleep so I’ll give a well written response later

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That’s not a thread direction read

The universe exists. That means someone had to create it right?

Just because something is something, doesn’t mean the reasons for it happening are indeed true.