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Thread for Talking 'bout Tabletop Games


when I was a newbie I made a full dandwiki character
I still regret it.


I made a Betrayal at House on the Hill Discord Server, but I might as well turn it into a Betrayal RP where you play a game of Betrayal in real time (ish)


MtG art is so beautiful




The Colony best game.


@Mercenary If you’re looking for good homebrew look no further than here btw


I know this list and I yet find it too small
I’m also already having work translating the official stuff


Going to make a reincarnate table for the homebrew I already have


I am playing mines of phandelver with some guys from reddit
Day 2, we have a goblin captivate
We remove their armour, leaving him naked, then hurt his ankles so he cannot escape, disarmed him and now he is our pet that will lead us to the next quest
And our dwarf wants to kill him at the end even though we are only doing it because he begged for his life

On top of all this our druid literally asked to sleep together with the goblin at night.


Fortnite Munchkin



No, stop


Reminds me of my TRPG lefou goblin lover
(it is a national tabletop rpg system so lefou is a corrupted humanoid)


never got to play this character tbh
but she was a half-elf lefou wizard who would be considered very wtf for people used to the cliches


isn’t that the guy from Beauty and the Beast


It is the contamined humans/elves/half elves of the demonic influence of the lefeu


Basically some guys kind of accidentally invoked a magic storm to the world
This storm is called the Tormenta, and is caused by the lefeu
There are some people who are born defective from it, the Lefou.



I’m a player in a new DnD campaign starting up and we’re all discussing our characters

I’m listed as a half-elf bard

but I’m not really


Be a kenku in a half-elf vessel.


Well here’s the thing

I’m a Changeling, but in the form of a half-elf.
I just don’t want them to discover my true nature yet.