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Thread for Talking 'bout Tabletop Games


it is the second more acceptable
the SK one is honestly fitting but the art is bad


Didnt find those cards :frowning:


why are we still here

just to suffer


[instant red flag for homebrew wildfire of a game intensifies]

also that’s not how alignment works if you had to kill humanoids to become a lich :^)

thanks 5e
low-light vision killed off because… why exactly, WoTC? lol


Nah, the whole Lich thing actually happened at level 1 when I drank some shady liquid out of an urn that turned out to be an unused phylactery.


and when you finished it you proceeded to yeet it with your newfound lich strength?

why did I even ask it as a question the answer can only be yes


implying my Lich sorcerer had/has a decent strength modifier

Funnily enough, the most useful things my Lich has done have been strength and dex-based nonsense, such as affixing a brand new door to my guild sleeping quarters, and carrying AND hiding behind an adult dragon scale.


lol that’s why I always fill my dungeons with copper and silver coins en masse
encourages strength so you can actually carry the reward out with you :^)


I’d love to be part of a forum DnD campaign


as in like the one Jas did where it was text based or just a regular-style Virtual TableTop (VTT) and voice one but with forum people?


Voice with forum people (over Roll20 cause t’is the superior site ohohoho)


not that I disagree entirely but it’s on par with the alternatives imo
fantasy grounds is good but it drains your wallet and rptools are great and extremely verbose but have the interface of an irc browser from the 90s lmao


but if I ever reach a point where I feel comfortable running two campaigns at once I wouldn’t be opposed to having forum peeps as the players (inb4 Marl’s in both still lol)

definitely not opposed to playing in someone else’s campaign either of course


Tbf it’s the only one I’ve used and I like familiarity so yeah


/pre-in lel


definitely with you on that one, I’ve tried both mentioned alternatives but I have the most experience with roll20 so I just gravitated to it lol


A guy in my game has sacrified a arm to the goddess of death
I gave him the mage hand trick with no roll to conjurate instead


“as consolation for your missing arm have this magic spell thats just another fuckin arm”

I love it


Holy shit