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Thread for Talking 'bout Tabletop Games


Small world 2 w/ all expansions. Nuff said


as in Underground?


Royal Bonus, Cursed and Whats that other one? Something about ladies?

EDIT: Grand Ladies! That’s the one


Now I need Tabletop Simulator even more.


i don’t get the 2 tho


Ah right, small world 2 is just the cyber application version


Are there good free games for the simulator?


small world, smash up


I went to see if it was a thing.



oh it’s a thing alright


Do not search it unless you want to see some big breast girl.


I already watched the whole video.


the question is not “why did ToS do an NSFW version” because the answer to that is obvious

the same reason they did the “get stretch goals by unlocking achievements” thing

Exploding Kittens did it first and EK was, at the time, the most successful kickstarter project ever

The question is why did Exploding Kittens make a NSFW version



Sounds good


I like weird things


you wont like this


The Bodyguard has giant jugs, wtf?!


the bpdyguardpkd-?°§£°ªf°ª°

merc tilted.


The Witch card is making me question my existence