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Thread for Talking 'bout Tabletop Games


From Agricola to Zombicide
From AD&D to Zombicide Black Plague
From Android Netrunner to Good God there’s a lot of Zombicide games

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What about lewd board games?


Okay so Keyforge just came out

For those who don’t know, Keyforge is The Garfmeister’s new game, and it revolves around the fact that you can’t deckbuild, and that each deck you buy is unique.

The cards are split into 7 houses, each deck containing 3, and there are very rare cards called “Mavericks” that belong to 1 house but have appeared in another

My starter set arrived on Friday and I got this lil lad

Who usually appears in the house “Brobnar” but in this deck he has appeared in the house “Logos”

One of the great things about this game is, because there’s no deckbuilding, you can buy one $10 deck and then nothing else and you’ve potentially got a competitively viable deck.


Just don’t break any forum rules, okay?


the deck itself seems neat its got some crazy fast card draw in Logos and also does a lot of killing with Dis, the Shadows part also seems pretty controlly too


Ya boi is in two separate DnD 5e campaigns and hoo boy, they contrast.

One, I’m a Noble Human Ranger/Rogue (Lawful Good cause I’m the son of the King and all that) with a penchant for Batmanning everywhere and getting annoyed at everything that ruins my batmanning plans.

The other, I’m a half-elf-turned-Lich Sorcerer (Neutral Good because Odin demands it) whose most notable actions are trading telepathy stones for a fire elemental/cat crossbreed, turning said crossbreed into a god of tacos, and snapping neck whenever he’s in danger.


i love the idea of “to batman” being a verb


Gloom Stalker’s Umbral Sight + Sharpshooter feat + Sneak Attack = copious amounts of damage.

Thus, batmanning is the ultimate strategy.


the best part of D&D is when the DM says “it gets dark” and like 4 people simultaneously say “I have darkvision”


Literally my first character’s campaign in a nutshell, only difference being due to Umbral Sight it goes something like:

DM: It gets dark…
Everyone else: I have darkvision
DM: You can see everything around you except for Batman Glain Ironhide
Everyone else: damnit Glain


I want to play The New Binding of Isaac board game but no local friends :sob:


me_irl but about Betrayal Legacy


Legacy games seem cool as fuck but I don’t have a playgroup


Cough Town of Salem NSFW version.

Well, I have seen some image about it, and I regret my life.


I’m a fan of Betrayal at House on the Hill. I went back to it on Tabletop Simulator and I had a blast. I’m just hoping someone will make a mod of Betrayal Legacy as that seems like a very cool game


Hey, Squid, did you wanna check out Orange’s profile?


Where is it?


i dont see how you can apply stickers and writing and rip up cards in TTS


I mean I guess destroying cards is just deleting them and saving the game but still idk how you’d do stickers and all that jazz


I’m sure someone can find the proper script to do it