This War of Mine: Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia for This War of Mine. Please do not post here.

Classcard Template


Major Positive Skill (Player Determined)
Minor Positive Skill (Host Determined, Randomised)
Minor Negative Skill (Host Determined, Randomised)

Backstory (Player Determined)

Public Knowledge such as basic blueprints and primary game mechanics will be added here.




Players will be given a list of locations to potentially scavenge. Some locations may be convered by the Fog of War. Only one player per shelter may scavenge.
Players will scavenge at the location they chose. They will have 10 minutes to get items and leave.
10 seconds distance to the exit will be added for every turn moved.
If the scavenger’s time expires or TR (time remaining) - DtE (Distance to Exit) = <_0 the scavenger will become lost.


A 1d10 will be rolled.

If the dice rolls one, the scavenger will instantly die.

If the dice rolls two or three, the scavenger will be put under a trial. Success in the trial will have the scavenger emerge injured inside the shelter. Failure will cause the scavenger to become seriously injured in the shelter.

If the dice rolls a four or five, the scavenger will be put under a trial. Success in the trial will have the scavenger emerge unscathed inside the shelter. Failure will cause the scavenger to emerge injured.

If the dice rolls anything else, the scavenger will return home safely.


Defending your shelter is a primary mechanic during the night. If you are raided and don’t assign anyone to defend your shelter more resources will be stolen. Some people on defense may be injured however you have a chance to save your resources.


Sleeping allows your party to increase your tiredness level by one. Sleep is a priority for scavengers as without it you will become exhausted, limiting your ability to scavenge and defend.

Fog of War

Some locations may be covered by the Fog of War. They will gradually become able to be visited. Some previous locations may be covered by the Fog of War.


Makeshift Workbench (Level 1)

Household Appliances

Makeshift Bed

A makeshift bed. Enough to keep us off of the ground.
5 Components - 10 Wood


A radio. It will enable to us to learn the current forecast and crutial information such as a bandit wave.
10 Components - 5 Electrical Parts

Boarding Up

Creates barricades at our house. Increases celcius by 2 and reduces bandits breaking in.

5 Wood - Maximum 3


Crude Stove

Better than eating raw food.
15 Components - 5 Wood

Moonshine Distillery

With a bit of time, effort and basic resources we could make magic happen. It could help us in tough times.
10 Components - 5 Wood

Metal Workshop

Lets us create makeshift tools that make common jobs such as clearly rubble a whole lot faster.
10 Components - 5 Wood

Rainwater Collector

Rainwater will help our parched throats.
15 Components - 5 Wood - 5 Electrical Parts


Filter (x2)

Filters out dirty water and other liquids.

2 Components

Fuel (x2)

Fuels the heater and stove.

2 Wood


Basic Workshop (Level 2)

We’ll be able to create more decent tools with this basic workshop. It’s better than a bit of metal and wood stuck together.
15 Components - 10 Wood - 5 Electrical Parts

Basic Workshop (Level 2)

Household Appliances

Herbal Garden

Allows us to grow a multitude of medicinal plants to help us survive.
20 Components - 15 Wood - 5 Electrical Parts


An armchair is a comfortable piece of furniture. If you sit in it with a good book, you can almost forget about the war. Gives a diceroll of 1d3. Landing a 3 will reduce a player’s mental stage by one stage. Only one player may use the armchair per day.
5 Components - 5 Wood


Having something to occupy time is important. A guitar can brighten up our mood, especially if the person playing it knows what they are doing. Everyone will have their ability to play the guitar rolled. Depending on how much you roll at the start is how high your chances of helping everyone with the guitar is. Only one player may use the guitar per day.
5 Components - 5 Wood


Herbal Workshop

If we can’t use our herbs, there is no point in keeping them. Let’s put them to use.
10 Components - 5 Wood - 2 Electrical Parts

Trap for Small Animals

We can put raw food or fertilizer in here to attract animals to come. It’ll trap them and give us two raw food after four days.
10 Components - 5 Wood - 10 Electrical Parts




Advanced Workshop (Level 3)

An extremely advanced workshop. Allows us to craft the most modern of buildings inside our home.
25 Components - 20 Wood - 10 Electrical Parts

Advanced Workshop (Level 3)

(Awaiting all players to develop an Advanced Workshop.)


Hunger = Eating

Slightly Hungry

Tiredness = Sleeping

Tired (leeway stage)

Sick = Medicinal (Homemade = 1d2)

Slightly Sick
Gravely Ill

Injury - Medicinal (Homemade = 1d2)

Slightly Injured
Severely Wounded
Lethally Wounded

Sadness = Consultation (1d10, one action) or Moonshine/Cigarettes

Sad (leeway stage)



Prevents the player from acting.


Prevents the player from acting.

Severely Wounded/Sick+

Prevents the player from acting.


Prevents the player from acting.



Bare Hands

Not the best of weapons, but can help us in dire situations.
1 Damage


A sturdy crowbar. Could lodge it into someone’s neck.
3 Damage - X Durability