This is... Yep. Another Pretender Rework

Not going to be pretender Rework directly. But. You get the idea.

Pretender King - Neutral Special
Goal - Be the final king of the game and make sure BD loses.
Gains 3 uses of fatal guards
Now has 2 uses of guards?

Pretender - Neutral Investigative
Blood test and kinslayer have fused to create family matters. If a Royal was found, you will attack them. You can not pick the current king

Kill the fam?

Yup muahahahahah
She already does it.

It’s like Test Faith


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I test YOUR faith!
@SabreOverDrive (09) was a member of the Forums!

…and has been killed


This is the hardest to read suggestion I’ve ever seen


Did you purposefully pick colors that make it painful to read?

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Maybe you should use dark mode.

I use dark mode and I agree with orange

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ok, so only 1 ability, you have no choice so if you accidentally pick prince and was guarded by a knight or some shit you just die, i’d rather have the choice to pick between one or the other since there isn’t a second ability to replace it

oof, bd literally have 0 reason to keep pretenders alive anymore, as if the fusion wasn’t bad enough (for bd at least)