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This is an intervention


lol sleep


Yeah I have 38 days. Which compared to Firekitten I should say ONLY 38 days


I have more days than you and I think you’ve been on these forms longer than I have




Don’t tell me you checked my profile


I checked all the top users?



Man, I’m an idiot



22 days for me apparently


Does it mean reading different posts or just 3 months reading post


Mods are volunteers not staff :eyes:


The latter


Close enough

You have an obligation to be here


No I don’t


Then what exactly is expected of you as a mod? lmao




I guess you didn’t really have life in reality.


Tbf if say you leave your computer on with a forum tab open it’s gonna tick up read time

So my 22 days is probably not all that accurate


Denial is the first stage. :eyes:


I installed a browser extension specifically to limit my time on this site lol. It hasn’t been too successful as I can just open another browser, but the sentiment is there.