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Third Dagger (Fanmade faction)


Okay, cult. If cult leader dies n1, what happen?


The apostle replaces the cult leader


well, maybe a second Third Dagger appears at the start. i havent said anything about that yet :slight_smile:


this is kind of what I’m against


It would be better if he is replaced


ahh. Okay. I’ll make It so the second starter can take over.


okay im fine with that


that was my main problem here


Actually it is closer to a 1/48 chance of the MM dying N1. Don’t forget that he is death immune.


Btw you don’t need the third dagger passive


really? Huh.


But wouldn’t that be the Fourth Dagger, then?


No, dummy, it is the Second Dagger.


But the Second Dagger was stabbed by the Third.


They were brought back in servitude


Why would they bring a dagger they stabbed back in servitude?
Actually if it’s a second third dagger it’s probably the 2/3 Dagger.