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[Theory Signups]RISE/Madkid[TransinProg] [10/15]


It’s not under roleplaying because I’m not exactly sure if it does fit there. It could fit in a forum match setting but I’m not exactly keen on it being deductive and stuff. You may want a translator for this… Nah you’ll be fine.

Are you bored? Shu shu SHU! Shu shu secret shuu… Shu to the SHU! {TL: Still wtf does this mean}

Use /shu to sign up!


NAME - Mystic Sheet will be sent to you upon 15 signups.

Classes. {Combatants… There are some interesting names.}
HP : ?/? {Technically this is HP. What would this be then, Hex powers?}
ATTK : ?/? {How hard you can hit with a normal smack.}
DEX : ?/? {It determines your evasion. Though some people will… have passives to kill this. Also, within an action phase, your ability will go first the higher you are.}
DEF : ?/? {Decides how much damage reduced. Cannot be reduced less than 1}
And some abilities here too. Backstory too? OwO


  1. 3 members per team! 5 teams total!
  2. Each team will get their own chat!
  3. It is a battle royale
  4. Phase-based Combat.
  5. 15 different fighter types. :3 Alert, it does seem to follow a theme… I still cant reveala theme… Its LOOKING AT ME WITH A MURDEROUS GLEAM IN ITS EYES… so yeah chill out for a second.


START - Plan Actions. Discuss within your team of an appropriate action you could do. There are multiple phases that actions belong in. Also, revealing yourself to others happen here.
MOVE - Changing of locations of players. Players move to respective locations.
BEFORE ACTION - Actions that prevent damage, attackers. Analysis abilities also belong here.
ACTION - Normal Actions pan out here.
AFTER ACTION - Heal, debuffs and buffs belong here. {SHU SHUUU}
RETURN - Goes back to START PHASE. May have additional effects, such as the following.

Healing Rain - Everyone is healed by 2 HP.
Airstrike - Everyone is damaged once. 1 HP.
Analysis - Every team gets a random enemy team member’s status.
Lock Out - A member from each team is chosen to be locked out, that will be unable to use abilities or normal attacks, but cannot be targeted.
Quake - Only one member from each team can act the next round.
Shuu SHU SHUU - Afflicts random effects to different players based on their class.

Signed on!

ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝGO GO GO!

There are 4 teams and 3 individuals who have different goals.

There will be 15 locations for 15 different people.
There is one giant chat. Four big group chats. 15 1on1 chats.
Catch. You won’t know your allies’ identity. You will however know of their status. Both parties can agree to reveal their alignment and status at a cost of a whole turn to each other.
Moving to locations takes the MOVE phase. You can do additional actions after moving to another location. Unless stated otherwise in your status card.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 15




This is a shushu


wtf did i just read


Shu uu shushu!

Shu uuu Shurian!


What is this? Some sort of Pokémon roleplay?


Mer merce!


Shu… Shu.
Shakes head furiously.
Shurian no roleplay Pokémon.

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Managed to Translate some… Imma come back when I wake up in the morning.


/join hjas lets try this

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lol is this a battle royal

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/shu… I guess? If still possible…?

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/shu shuuu + Wazza


shu shu



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