The Zealot - Neutral Social (Scum-Sided Neut)

The Zealot :shield: (Neutral Social)

Spawn Conditions: The Zealot has a 50% chance to replace the Sellsword if one spawns. There cannot be both a Sellsword and a Zealot in one game.

Note: None of the Zealot’s abilities can target the King.

Devotion (Passive): The first time the Unseen/Cult attempt to convert you, they will receive an immediate pity convert. This does not affect the “pity convert counter”.

Defiling Chant (Day Ability): If targeted player is executed today, they will appear as chosen class. Cannot be used during a trial. - 2 Uses

Sealing Chant (Day Ability): Prevent a player from using any day abilities today. Also negates day abilities already used whose effects activate during or at the end of the night (except for Blood of Mithras and Suicide). - 2 Uses

Obscure (Night Ability): Prevents the player from seeing any special feedback from their abilities and any abilities they are targeted with. You receive any feedback that was prevented. - Infinite Uses

Note: “special feedback” refers to ability feedback that is different from the default ex. Empower “aided”, Chrono “delayed”, Phys/Alch “healed”, Butler/Drunk “target was occupy/redirect immune”, Investigative abilities besides Flirt/Blood Test.

Dark Whispers (Night Ability): If used on a member of the Blue Dragon, targeted player may not read whispers the following day. If used on a member of the Unseen/Cult or the Neutral Killer, whispers between you and targeted player are private the following day, and their next vote during a trial will count for double (shown as a Noble Twin to the court). - 3 Uses

Objective: See the Blue Dragon defeated.

I’d just say that it can’t spawn alongside sellsword as a base

It’s a bit on the really good side

and what about the rest of the class? Your analysis appears incomplete.

I’ll follow up on this a bit later

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