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The worst Drunk game in history


and yes night 8 was unable as well


screen prompts you to press f to pay respects


Wait a sec. Since immune is stated separately… what does unable mean?


probably got too lazy to keep writing immune


I write unable because it’s not that they were “immune,” it will say that you were unable to redirect them or something, I have to second check


But then why did you say immune at first? It’s not the unable that is confusing but the inconsistency in the logs


something like this, where it is not a definite immune, but “unable” to redirect


I’m not being inconsistent, when they are definitely immune I log “immune,” but when it’s all messed up I write “unable”


but the feedback is always unable. It even lists immune as a reason for it to be unable.


I think slappy means that if it’s revealed that they tried to redirect, say, a butler, they’ll log “immune”, but if they’re not sure, they’ll log “unable”.