The Witch BD Special, The Conjurer Unseen Special

I kinda had a strange idea, maybe I just love old alch, with 4 potions.
A reason why I suggest some class, Is Because, I believe the only I think multiple evil need more claim space, especially Mastermind.

So here my idea


Blue Dragon Special
** (Day)** - Magic Shield. You will be protected from attacks tonight, you won’t be notified someone tried to attack you (2 uses)
** (Night)** - Cast Spell. Choose a spell to cast on your target
Cast Spell - Paralysis- Occupy a player (2 uses)
Cast Spell - Revelation - Reveal a player’s class type, Specials will appear as Invest (2 uses)
Cast Spell - Protection - Make a player immune to death (2 uses)
Cast Spell - Revitalize - heal a player (2 uses)

Defeat the Unseen, the Cult, along with any neutrals who seek to harm you.



Unseen Special
** (Night)** - Cast Spell. Choose a spell to cast on your target
Cast Spell - Dark protection- Make an unseen member, immune to death and investigation tonight (2 use)
Cast Spell - Revelation- Reveal a player class (2 use)
Cast Spell - Illusion- Occupy a Player (2 use)
Cast Spell - Death Curse - Make a player’s death unhealable tonight. (1 use)

Defeat the Blue Dragon along with any neutrals who seek to harm you.

For cult game, become the Apostle.
So, what do you guys, think ?
yeah, I know its probably a bad idea.

I’d say protection is the only solid objection I have with it. Bottom line is we are already at capacity for conversion immunity. We’ve seen what happens when it gets raised a while ago. (long and short of it, failing to convert many nights in a row, isn’t fun).


This is also unnecessarily making it confirmable, whereas the rest could still be fakeclaimed to a degree. It’s also strong enough that it doesn’t need the added confirmability. For the rest it’s a solid Jack of All Trades.

I liek.

Change it as bit… As I believe the observer logs can be a bit too hard to fake for anyone who wish to fake claim it.
Remove conversion immunity
And yeah, its supposed to be a jack of all trades. someone who can do anything. . But unlike the Alch, they aint neutral.
Well. except killing

I Gave the Conjurer the ability to occupy someone.
But I am not certain. unseen converted don’t last that long usually.

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