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The Warrior (BD Killer) / The Crusader (Unseen Killer)


The Warrior Blue Dragon Killing

Passive(1): Zealous, If there are more then two visitors you’ll decide not to attack but still protect your target.
Passive(2): Guilt, If you kill a Blue Dragon player You’ll be unable to take action the next night.
Day Ability(1): Padded Armour, make yourself Immune to death at night (2 Uses)
Day Ability(2): Back-stab, Make a Player Unknowingly bleed, they will die at the end of the night (1 Use)
Night Ability(1): Rebound, Kill a player’s visitor (4 Uses)
Night Ability(2): Demand, Make a player target you if they decide to kill. (3 Uses)

The Crusader Unseen Killer

Day Ability(1): Padded Armour, make yourself Immune to death at night (2 Uses)
Day Ability(2): Cloud Mind, Make the Assassins bleed be unknown, still takes two days. (2 Use)
Night Ability(1): Backup, If the Assassins kill fails you’ll bleed the attacker they will be unaware, they will die the next night. (3 Uses)
Night Ability(2): Second chance, Kill someone, if the assassin fails the attack. Anything that will prevent the kill, occupation, Jail, Protection, immunity )(Infinite)

Feedback plz.

[Turbo] Blue's Damn GI Turbo D5 (The Mastermeme, The Robber, and Meathead win)

No one loves me.


Unseen crusader is meh

Bd crusader should also protect their target (it doesn’t currently) and should be immune to attacks they redirect with their second night ability. If you think this is too strong nerf it to 1-2 uses and not make them notified if someone attacks them


They do have a immunity to attacks ability during the day i can see where your coming from, they can use the redirect ability while using the immunity to there advantage, of course they dont have ti

I also wanted Crusader to be a unseen killer thats not assassin. I think its pretty useful, of course its unlimited ability is kinda weak but its good incase you want to protect your assassin, i could make it so that they could also do MMs actions but that’s not really kalling.


How about this

“If your assassin fails to kill your target for whatever reason, your assassin would have died visiting the target, you will instead preform the kill”


Thats a good idea.


I missed the night immunity for day nvm


Upsated it owo


If two visitors they still protect just they arent going to kill them

To be less Rng and less killing.

A good comparison is Tos crusader the target is random if two visitors and i personally hate RNG.


BD name should be Crusader and Unseen should be Warrior.


Works both ways honestly.