The Vampires [Faction]

The Vampire Lord

Vampire Special

Bite (Night) - Turn someone into a vampire. They will remain exactly the same; only their faction will change. Max 2 vampires alive at once. No cooldown. Works on all players. If you die, the other vampire will take your place.

If you bite a healed played, they will be attacked and healed instead. If you bite a bear, you die. If you bite a defended target, you die to the knight, etc.

There can be Vampire Prince*, Vampire King, Vampire Alchemist, Vampire Reaper, etc.

Sheriffs and Paladins may both spawn in Vampire games and their abilities work on Vampires similarly to how they work on Unseen and Cult.

*Vampire Prince won’t meet with the Vampire Lord at night unless he decides to jail nobody.

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>Can perfectly fake their previous class
i see no problems here

eliminate blue dragon and the neutral killer, or bite the last of them

you can’t kill unless you’re a vampire version of a killing class like knight or prince or NK

With only two vamps?


literally this takes away a dimension from scumhunting, checking for discrepancies

What about king?

you can bite him and make him vampire king

So what can’t you target?

perfectly balanced, as alll things should be

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Vampire Sorc


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literally anybody can be converted (bitten)

vampire prince, vampire sorcerer, vampire scorned, etc.

BD: gets bitten.
Says (x) is vamp.

Does Vampire Knight still suicide upon hitting a BD?


I lost faith in humanity a long time ago but…this is just sad



reality is often disappointing

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i dont understand what point you’re trying to make


The goal has to change.
Some neutrals can’t be converted.
Make a new investigative.
The convert immune classes are there for a reason.
Needs to be more than 2 vamps in total.