The Vampire Lord [Neutral Special]

The Vampire Lord
Neutral Special

The Thirst: If you fail to successfully kill a player with Feast for 3 nights, you will commit suicide. This passive gets reset every time you successfully Feast.
Monstrous Aura: Anyone who visits you or your target will be immune to Feast the next night.

Charisma (3 use): Influence a player, forcing them into picking the same trial outcome as you do. It will only be announced to them if you change their vote. (noble twin also gets changed into this)
Familiars (2 use): Release your familiars. They will notify you which players are affected by Monstrous Aura tonight.

Feast (inf use): Feast on your targets blood, killing them and healing yourself. You will be unable to Feast the next night if successful.
Captivate (2 use): Mark a player as a Thrall. Enthralled players will not be affected by Monstrous Aura and Feasting upon them will bypass all forms of protection.

Win condition: Survive


Captivate/Feast king, become Neutral King, win game

Neither can target King.

I mean, this is a role that must kill on all Odd/Even nights to win. And I do mean must

Not really, they have 2 nights to kills someone before dying.

Night 1, Kill
Night 2, Nothing
Night 3, Failed kill, dead.

It resets everytime u kill

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So n1 kill.
N2 miss
N3 miss
N4 kill
N5 miss
N6 miss
N7 kill


Iā€™m not certain about the exact class. but I think the Idea of a Vampire Neutral. Someone who has to kill other players to survive, is interessing.