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The Throne... Roleplay Thread


“A reaper doesn’t fall once. That I heard much.”
He grabs onto a hilt, the sword ringing out as it is pulled from its sheathe.
“You are not the first reaper I have met. In fact, I was supposed to die many years ago, while in Xed.”

“But I don’t believe in gods. Nothing shall control us. That I believe much.”


The ticking becomes more rapid…she looks resigned…? Like she knows what will happen


“My father left me of everyone’s particulars in the castle. He had you detailed as a trustworthy person. A naive person, that is for sure.”

He walks towards the lady.
“Any words for anyone?”


she smiles “I have jumped on an oppurnity I saw, nobody should be at fault for ambition” she giggles a bit


“But I am not done Falone…”


“Rule with an iron fist…and all will fall to you…if that’s the way you wish to go…” she suddenly swings for his chest


“Ambition… indeed, the one that drives the many.”
He blocks the strike with his sword.
“Your family… should have been rounded up and slaughtered. Per the old rules for treason…”


“I have no ancestors to kill…sorry” she adopts a defensive stance


“My father knew more than you knew. He had everything of you into the very little details. Including where your granddaughter was born.”

The sword is brandished. Falone is not smiling, a deep frown on his face.
“She’s right here in the castle now, is she not?”


Rosal is on her bed , reading of a book of magic spells.

R: I’m borrred…
She walks out of the room, throwing the book onto the ground.
She teleports out of the castle back to her former home , in a cave.


There are two inquisitors, with the two mages and a priestess with her staff. In the Western Forest Mountain, in one of the caves.

An offer to join the inquisitors have been made. And has been rejected.

Senna looks at the two.
“I’m sorry, but I have some things I have to think before making my decision.”


C:…That’s fine.


(Aw ma gyawd, das a good ol’ cliffhanger right dere.)
D: Let’s move, Spears.


C: Okay.
Clay walks away.


“Those people were… weird…” Senna remarks.

“Inquisitors…” Weiss spits.
“They left for more evil magic users… Instead of helping us against the cult… Help them I won’t.”


Image result for yoda


(So has the ship made it to Adiart?)


The ship is sailing… Still a day away.




Brakuren is in the market browsing for goods to buy